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Puy Lentil Salad – Greek Style









Useful Information

Preparation Time –

10 mins

Cooking Time –

15 min

Difficulty –


Portions –



  • 250g dry puy lentils (green)
  • ½ cucumber
  • A punnet of ripe
    cherry tomatoes
  • ½ red onion
  • ½ tub of black
    Greek olives, pitted
  • ½ block of feta cheese
  • A handful of finely
    chopped parsley
  • Olive oil, white
    wine vinegar, salt and pepper to season

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    Lentils are a wonderful source of plant protein and fibre. They are low in calories and digest slowly, releasing their energy over a long period of time. Lentils were traditionally eaten all across Europe, they’re a super versatile vegetable as they work well in soups and warm dishes as well as cold in salads. This salad is great as an addition to a BBQ or can be eaten on its own as a filling lunch.

    Puy Lentil Salad - Greek Style


    • Ahead of time: bring the lentils to the boil, allow to simmer for 10 minutes.
    • Replace the cooking water and bring back to a simmer and allow to cook until a few lentils start to float and they’re soft with still a little crunch.
    • Drain and put away to cool.
    • When you’re ready to eat, wash and prep your vegetables.
    • Cut the cucumber straight down the middle and then again each half, and chop into bite size chunks.
    • Cut the cherry tomatoes in half.
    • Finely slice the red onion.
    • Mix everything together in a large bowl, add the lentils and olives, mix again.
    • Now, add the vinegar (about 2 Tbsp), olive oil, salt & pepper.
    • Finally, crumble the feta cheese over the salad, and finish off by sprinkling the parsley over as you’re serving.

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