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Join a Wellness Class

Wellness classes focus on your recovery and stretching techniques. Choose from either Stretch & Recovery, Pilates, or Yoga.

What is a Wellness Class?

Our Wellness classes are a holistic approach to health and wellness that has the option of yoga, Pilates, and Stretch & recovery. These classes are designed to nourish the mind, body, and spirit, helping you feel more balanced and rejuvenated.

Wellness classes offer a well-rounded approach that will leave you feeling physically strong, mentally clear, and emotionally balanced.

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Why do Wellness Classes?

Now that we know what it is, what are the benefits of Wellness classes?

Improve cardio health

Your Mood

Practices like Yoga and Stretch & Recovery can help reduce stress and improve your mood.


Wellness classes can help improve your flexibility and range of motion so that you can move with ease.


These classes are proven to improve your sleep quality as you are working out your mind along with your body.

What Types of
Wellness Classes are Included

We offer a wide range of Family Fitness classes. Please check your individual class timetable to see if that class is in your location

What Other Members Think

Find out what other members have to say about Gym Plus!


I love Pilates because it pushes you more than you think. It’s great for flexibility and helps me keep mobile. I’ve also really improved my balance from doing these classes regularly.


The Yoga class gives me a great balance between my heavy weight strength training and my mobility and flexibility movements. Yoga has helped me to increase my core strength overall.


My favourite thing about Gym Plus is the atmosphere, all the equipment that’s here and the classes are so helpful. The trainers and instructors are amazing and will help you throughout your session every single day.

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