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Ireland’s most diverse classes

You don’t have to be after six-pack abs to enjoy toning classes.

They’re great for building a strong foundation, without building muscle mass. A strong core will protect you against back problems and other injuries and can help your performance in other sports and everyday activities.

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Family Fitness

Are you looking for a healthy habit that the whole family can enjoy together?

Family Fitness classes are suited to the young, the old and everyone in between. How many generations can you bring together to get happier and healthier whilst having a great time?

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Dance Based

Dance based classes are a really fun way to get fit with motivational music and expert instruction to help you nail the steps.

Don’t worry if you’re not a natural dancer, it’s all about enjoying being in the moment and having a great time whilst getting moving.

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Whether you’re after fat burning or fitness, cardio classes are a great choice.

These classes help you to maintain a healthy heart and deliver a dose of feel good endorphins that will leave you feeling better as well as looking better. Why not try one today?

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If you’re aiming to build strength and muscle tone, then resistance classes are a great option.

You can scale your weights to suit your ability and objectives, so whether you’re looking for “toned” or “Terminator”, you’ll make progress towards that with every class you do!

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High Intensity

If you want to raise your heart rate and work up a sweat, without spending an hour doing it, a high-intensity workout is a great choice.

Filled with fast-paced fun, you’ll perform at your maximum capacity in carefully timed intervals to get the best value out of your workout.

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Keep on track with the FitSense app


FitSense is a handy mobile fitness app designed to help you succeed with your fitness and nutrition goals. Ready to book an exercise class? You can check the schedule and book a class using the app. It also includes home workout videos, personalised training and nutrition plans to keep you motivated at home too.

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Chris Walsh

“What I most really love about my job is helping all of our members obtain their fitness goals.”


“I’ve been part of many gyms but this to be honest is the best gym I’ve ever been a member of.”

Lucy Maloney

“I would recommend GymPlus to anyone because it has a everything, it has absolutely everything for me.”

Maila Ascanio

“What I most enjoy about my job is that I meet friends here. I really recommend everybody do swimming lessons if possible.”


“When I came here I felt much more comfortable with the place. Most of the time it’s not really crowded.”

Richard Walker

“I’ve been a member of GymPlus since it opened. I would recommend GymPlus to anybody who wants to join the gym.”


“Mostly what I enjoy about my job is working with people everyday, meeting new people and being part of their fitness journey.”