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Club Rules

Club Rules

We want everyone to have a great time whilst using the club. To make that happen we need a little help from you, our members, and guests. Please check out the guidance below and make sure you’re doing all you can to keep the atmosphere fun, the faces around you friendly, the spaces around you safe and the club easy to fit into. Please note that the rules pertaining to Kids, Swimming Pool, and Health Suite areas apply specifically to our family clubs or clubs where these amenities are available.


We love welcoming new faces into our clubs. To make sure we look after all our guests properly, we’d ask that you do a few things to help us: Let your guests know ahead of time that they’ll need to pay, provide their details, show their ID and sign the guest register. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult in the club. Stay with your guests throughout their time at the club to help them feel at home. Bear in mind we may be forced to refuse or revoke entry to a guest if they’re in breach of our guidelines for safety and etiquette.


We love welcoming your little ones and invite them to enjoy the pool and specific fitness classes during children’s hours. Please pick up the latest pool and class timetable at reception for more information.

Best Behaviour

Please act as you’d like others to behave for your benefit, be considerate and look after yourself whilst you’re enjoying the club. If another member or staff consider that your conduct goes against our guidelines, or endangers yourself or others, you will be asked to stop by a member of our team. If you ignore a warning, you may be asked to leave, either temporarily or permanently. We don’t like doing this, so we’d ask you to please, please try and be reasonable so we can all enjoy being here together.

Swimming Pool

• Cool it. We know swimming is exciting, but for your own safety, please avoid running, jumping or diving in the pool area. If you’re asked to stop doing something by our staff, it’s so you don’t hurt yourself or others, so please listen.

• Snazzy swimwear. We politely ask that adults and children only wear conventional swimwear in the pool. Also, babies and toddlers who are not yet toilet trained should wear an aqua nappy to avoid any unwelcome accidents.

• Hygiene in the H2O. Please take a shower before you swim and avoid the pool if you have verrucae, athlete’s foot etc.

• Pool politeness: We’ll ask you nicely to remove radios, large inflatables, buggies and any other items that are considered to be impacting the enjoyment of the pool by other members. Also please keep your mobile phones in your locker.
• Session savvy. Check out the pool timetable so you know when different sessions are happening, when the pool may be closed for lessons etc.

• Smaller splashers. One adult can mind up to 3 children. Under 12’s must have an adult in the water with them. 12 to 15’s need to have an adult (18+) present in the pool area. For changing, once a

Fitnes Areas

• Keep those toes covered! Proper fitness footwear is essential for your safety and the hygiene of the club.

• Make a clean sweep. Wipe and/or towel down equipment after use, pop any weights or other equipment you’ve taken out back where they belong and make sure you haven’t left any of your precious fit kit behind.

• Exercise safely! Please don’t use a piece of gym kit if you are unsure how to use it; if you proceed to use the equipment, it’s on the understanding that you are taking responsibility for your own safety. If you don’t know how best to use it, ask one of our friendly instructors to help or read the instructions on the machine. We strongly recommend that everyone books in to meet a trainer when they join. This will set you on the right path to reach your fitness goals.

Health Suite areas

• Stay safe. Please read and comply with the health and safety information displayed in this area, for your own wellbeing and that of others.
• Keep it sweet. Please take a quick shower after using the area.
• Take a break and leave your mobile in your locker, these areas are mobile phone free zones.
• Please refrain from shaving, exfoliating, applying oils or doing anything that is best kept to your own bathroom for hygiene reasons.


No paparazi!

Mobile phones are prohibited foruse in the changin grooms, spas, and swimming pool areas. Please respect other members’ right to privacy and to work out without being recorded or photographed. Please don’t take photos or record videos that contain the personal data of others.


We’d hate for anything special to go missing, so we ask that you keep your belongings safe in a locked locker whilst you work out. And then please remember to take everything away with you afterwards. Belongings left in lockers overnight or left around the club will be removed and find a new home in the lost property box.

Lost property

Everyone mislays things from time to time, so we’ll keep anything valuable left behind for 2 weeks, so you have plenty of time to come and get it from reception. When the two weeks have elapsed, we’ll no longer have the space in the club to keep unclaimed belongings.

Safety First

• Creating safe spaces. Please don’t bring or use crockery, glasses, food, non-water drinks into the changing, fitness and pool areas of the clubs. Alcohol and illegal substances are a no-go anywhere on the premises.

• Staying smoke-free. Any form of smoking or e-cigarettes are prohibited. For furry friends. No pets are allowed in the club, although assistance dogs are of course welcome.

• Open door policy. Normal entrance and exit of the club are through reception, please do not touch the fire doors unless there’s an emergency. In case of emergency, proceed to your nearest exit which is clearly marked.

• Look after the little. Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

• Be polite. Verbal or physical abuse, threatening behaviour and other forms of aggression towards our staff or other members will not be tolerated.

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