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The best equipment for a full-body workout

GymPlus Team

July 8, 2022

The best equipment for a full-body workout

Having the right equipment for a workout is half the battle in your fitness journey. Gyms offer so many options these days so you can choose to focus on your arms, legs, back, or core. But, what if you wanted a full-body workout without having to go to a lot of different machines and locations in the gym? 

We’ve put together some of the best equipment you can find to get that full-body workout. First, though, let’s take a look at what a full-body workout actually is.

What is a full-body workout?

Just as it says, a full-body workout is a workout tailored to your whole body instead of focusing on a single area. These workouts target multiple muscle groups during one movement. These are the workouts that you often find in HIIT (high-intensity interval training) classes as they can be done within an hour and it maximises your time at the gym. 

Why choose a full-body workout

 Full-body workouts burn more calories and fat in a session than if you are focusing on a target area. Along with that missing a single workout won’t hinder your regime at all as you have already worked out your full body that week so anything after that is a benefit.  There is also the fact that full-body workouts tend to include more movements that improve core stabilisation and posture.

By just doing a single hour of a workout (including warm-up) you will have the workout done and feel great for the rest of the day. 

What is the best gym equipment for a full-body workout

If you have a gym membership and want to expand your workouts but don’t know what equipment to use? Here are our four favourite pieces of equipment to use in a gym. You’ll be sure to work up a sweat a feel great after using them!

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are the best of both worlds. You can work your upper and lower body at the same time while your core is constantly engaged. It’s also great if you are looking for lower-impact cardio workouts as you have no pressure on your knees. 


If you don’t like sitting down during a workout and a rower is not your style, then an Elliptical is the way to go. This is another machine that is great for low-impact cardio.  You can perform the striding motion without any impact while using the handlebars to get your upper body working at the same time. Depending on the one you use, they may have magnetic resistance that can increase the intensity of your workout in a few seconds. 


This may not seem like a piece of equipment for a full-body workout but kettlebells are extremely versatile. Exercises like the kettlebell swing work on your upper body while engaging your core. While other workouts such as the lower body blast pay more attention to your legs and glutes, you can use kettlebells on any limb and at any time. 

Air bike

The air bike is a great full-body workout as you harder you cycle and move your arms the more resistance you work up. These are particularly good if you are looking to get a HIIT session in as you will be sure to work up a sweat.


Like everything, if you’re only starting full-body workouts be sure to start off slowly. Work with a trainer at the gym and set clear goals so you aren’t pushing yourself too hard, or too fast. 

GymPlus Team

July 8, 2022

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