5 ways to improve your physical strength

Looking for ways to improve your physical strength won’t just help you to become generally fitter but also help you with everyday tasks, enabling you to lift more for longer, or increase your endurance within specific muscle groups. There are a few ways that you can start the process of improving your physical strength, including the following:


Lifting weights

The most obvious way to improve your physical strength is by lifting weights. Strength training through lifting weights will help you to target specific muscle groups with every lift, meaning that you can have specific days where you work on your chest, arms, legs and other areas of your body. 

When it comes to lifting weights, form is important, not the amount of weight you can lift. Make sure your form is right first and foremost, tiring your muscles when completing repetitions (anywhere between 8 to 15 depending on your strength) before slowly increasing the weight. It’s important to incorporate strength training into your workout at every age.


A member of Gym Plus lifts weights in the gym


Resistance bands

A favorite exercise for many when access to the Gym was limited during the pandemic, resistance bands are a great way to increase physical strength without actually lifting weights.

They have the advantage of lifting weights in how they can provide more variety to a workout, allowing you to target more areas of your body, it’s also almost impossible to cheat on your form due to the nature of how they work combined with the movement of your body – it will also reduce the risk of injury when compared to lifting weight.



A low-impact workout that helps with the physical strength of the lower half of your body, cycling is great as it causes less strain on your muscles while still targeting major muscle groups.

While cycling is great for improving stamina, it’s perfect for physical strength, demanding more of your body the further you go, especially if you’re adding resistance to cycling machines in the gym or actively cycling up steep hills.


Spin class at Gym Plus



Never underestimate the benefits of a good walk. Walking not only has cardiovascular benefits but is also great when it comes to building up physical strength and fitness in the leg muscles.

Whether you’re able to go hillwalking or need to take advantage of the treadmill machines in your local Gym Plus – which can be adapted to increase the incline – walking will help you to increase the strength in your legs.


Body Weight Exercises

If you don’t have access to resistance bands or weights to lift, then why not just lift your body weight? 

Bodyweight exercises are an excellent way to increase your physical strength without any equipment. There is a wide range of exercises available to you as well, from press-ups to squats, lunges, and many more – your body weight will give you the perfect way to increase your physical strength. You don’t need anything, just your own desire, and motivation.


Lady works out at Gym Plus


Improve Your Physical Strength With Gym Plus

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Written by Craig Shields


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