Whether it’s perfecting your body or balancing your mind to keep pace with your hectic schedule, our state of the art fitness club and elite fitness staff are at your disposal.

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Gym Plus Ballsbridge

Do D4 proud as you tackle a challenging personal fitness programme designed by one of our expert instructors, then head to the health suite to unwind tired muscles and recharge your mind. If you’re looking for a fitness club that’s modern, well equipped and staffed by the industry’s leading fitness professionals, then Gym Plus Ballsbridge is the place for you.

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Really friendly team at the front desk. I’m in at 6 in the morning and always greeted by a friendly member of the gym+ team. But the team at the front desk are what make the place. A great spot for a workout. Always spotless and with a great range of equipment.
17:07 24 Sep 18
Gym plus is a great all round gym. The classes are brilliant. Showers and bathrooms are clean. Staff are friendly and approachable. Couldn’t fault it
Kate Mc Cormack
Kate Mc Cormack
13:39 03 Sep 18
Great gym, friendly staff, good choice of exercise classes and a nice spa area.
Peter Jackson
Peter Jackson
10:16 15 Oct 18
Good facilities, friendly staff
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison
21:58 25 Oct 18
Gym Plus Ballsbridge has something for everyone--even an older person such as myself. I enjoy the weight lifting class and the yoga class. This gym accommodates persons of all ages.
Judith Brooks
Judith Brooks
20:38 22 Feb 18
nice decent sized leisure complex with very large sauna lots clubs sauna is much smaller.staff friendly and efficient.any problems issues are resolved.promptly.also changing area locker room roomy and there are two other clubs some of them have tiny rooms
Dan Murphy
Dan Murphy
16:35 30 Nov 18
It has everything you need. I primarily spin. Classes are either 30 or 45 mins for the most part. Has a good amount of cardio machines weight machine and free weights. sauna and steam room. Spin Scheduled Morning midday and evening. Locker rooms are clean but bring your own towels( can be rented) soap shampoo etc. Open hours are good. 7 days a week although just saw hours for Christmas and they are closed Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Stephens day. I think the membership fee is Great value.
Declan Connolly
Declan Connolly
23:49 12 Dec 18
I have tried and evaluated a number of gyms across Dublin and this comes out on top for price (as it includes classes), helpful/friendly/knowledgeable staff and all the facilities one would need. I’ve been a member for 2 years now and I always recommend Gym Plus to my friends & colleagues. And it has a great Chopped restaurant inside!
Fin Goulding
Fin Goulding
09:47 27 Dec 18
The gym is not clean enough. It is very dusty and it is not pleasant to breathe dust while working out. Some of the gym machines are not fully functional. The jacuzzi in the spa area smells like chlorine far too much and it is not clean enough either. At the bottom of the jacuzzi you can see a layer of black matter which should not be there. Showers do not have liquid soap, towels are paid and you have to bring your own locker. I think this is the minimum that should be available in a gym that costs €60 per month.
Radostin Georgiev
Radostin Georgiev
11:49 01 Feb 19
Good range of classes, particularly Beua Jacks boxing which is a class exclusive to the gym and one which in my opinion is worth joining for alone. The gym floor is well structured with a good range of cardio machines, and a well-sized and well planned weights zone. A very good jacuzzi/sauna/steam facility with an ice bucket. Overall a high quality gym that provides value for money for members who are willing to use the facilities on a regular basis
Dave Burgess
Dave Burgess
20:51 13 Jan 19
Nice friendly staff and I like the location as it's convenient for me, the poor score relates to other things, such as:- The opening hours, which are the worst I've seen of any gym in Dublin, particularly on weekends.- A lot of the equipment is old and outdated, there's a cable machine in there that's definitely older than me and does not work properly.- There is frequently cleaners working around you, one example I had recently was when a man was hoovering around me and a few other people in the free weight section for about 10 minutes, this was two hours before closing time, I'd say something if the gym was near closing. You would think these things would be done outside of opening hours, particularly when the gym closes so early anyway.- This is the most expensive gym I've been a member of in Dublin when paying monthly. Considering the above negative points this is not very acceptable and it does not seem like membership revenues are being wisely reinvested.I have heard from a reliable source that one of the bigger chains has secured a property to set up a gym very close to this one and I regret to say unless Gym Plus changes drastically I will be immediately switching over once it does as I imagine many others will too.
Drake Lorner
Drake Lorner
13:37 03 Feb 19
Gym located in Ballsbridge. I miss a swimming pool but its equipment and facilities are high quality for a good deal price. Not too crowded comparing with other gym. Good spot
Kenzo Tsuda
Kenzo Tsuda
00:37 21 Feb 19

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Your local Gym that’s close to Dublin City

Gym Plus Ballsbridge, located on Shelbourne Road is a friendly, welcoming and supportive gym. Catering to those who live and work in Ballsbridge, the modern club boasts state-of-art gym equipment. In addition to a wide variety of fitness classes, including the infamous Beau Jacks Boxing, exclusive to Gym Plus Ballsbridge. And if you’re looking for a place to unwind, our health suite is the ultimate place for relaxation. Containing five heated beds, a steam room, sauna and jacuzzi. It also features a cold water plunge bucket, which is great to finish off after a workout session or fitness class. More than a gym, Gym Plus Ballsbridge is a community of members of all ages and fitness abilities who motivate and support one another.

A gym for busy professionals in Ballsbridge

Gym Plus Ballsbridge is conveniently located for busy professionals who live and work in the area. We introduce new classes regularly, offering over 50 classes per week on the timetable, catering to the interests and busy lifestyles of our members. In addition, the club opens at 6am Monday-Friday and has late closing until 10pm. Making it easy for members to fit in a workout session or fitness class at a time that is convenient for them. The club also features a new functional training studio, creating more space at peak times and more functional equipment and machines to suit everyone’s fitness needs.

Helping you go further at Gym Plus Ballsbridge

At Gym Plus Ballsbridge, all our classes are taught by certified, professional instructors. We also offer regular one-to-one support from our fitness team, who are all EQF Level 4 qualified and members of the Register of Exercise Professionals. We aim to help you achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s to reduce body fat, gain muscle mass or build strength and flexibility. And our elite personal trainers are also available for hire, ready to help you train for an event or competition, perfect your form or push your fitness to the next level.

Focusing on cardio, strength training and stretch classes. We have selected the best fitness classes for members to improve cardiovascular endurance, core strength and stamina. Classes such as Circuits, Zumba and BoxFit.

Considered to be one of the premier gyms in Dublin 4 for busy professionals, Gym Plus Ballsbridge can help you achieve your fitness goals and lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


Ballsbridge Timetable

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Location: Ballsbridge, D4

Address: The Oval, Shelbourne Rd, Dublin 4, Ireland


Phone: +353 1 678 1490

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