All gyms are not created equal. Ours fuse a broad range of high quality equipment with friendly, helpful staff and a culture of support and encouragement for all.

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Getting Started

There’s no 6 week “one size fits all” introductory programme at Gym Plus. We want your membership experience to be as unique as you are.

That means that nervous newbies can have our attention and support for as long as it takes to get them completely comfortable with working out here. And hardened fitness veterans can skip straight to the tough stuff without having to jump through hoops to get there.

You tell us what you need to succeed and we’ll make it happen.

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Cardio Classes


Whether it’s reaching new heights on the latest bikes or going the distance on a treadmill, we’ve got your cardio covered.

Flexibility gym


Whether you’re after a calm space to practice the perfect pose or cool tools to help you touch your toes, we’ve got just what you need.



Whether you’re a free weights fan or mad for machines, we’ve got strength training options to suit all training styles and abilities.

Modern Gym Equipment

Whether you’re looking to do a total body workout or combine cardio and strength for peak performance, Gym Plus is your place.

See How We Fit

We know that choosing the right gym goes deeper than checking off a list of equipment. It’s got to feel right too. So, why not book a free fitness consultation and virtual tour now?

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