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Join a Fitball Class

Fitball is excellent if you are looking to engage and stabilise your core or if you need rehabilitation exercises. Adding this class to your workout routine will have you toning up in no time.

Fitball clases

What is Fitball?

Fitball, also commonly known as a stability ball or exercise ball, is a large inflatable ball that is used in fitness training and rehabilitation exercises. A Fitball class focuses on using a weighted ball while performing exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups, tricep-dips and meany more.

Fitball strengthens your core muscles and can improve flexibility, balance, and coordination. This class is an effective tool for enhancing physical fitness and is a great way to tone up.

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Why do Fitball Classes?

Now that we know what it is, what are the benefits Fitball?

Tones Up
Your Body

This full-body workout aims to tone up your core muscles along with improving your flexibility & balance.


Feel the stress on the muscles through body movements, along with the fast pace of the class, will result in burning calories.

Full Body

Get the most out of your workout with these classes, as the workouts target multiple areas of your body and will ensure you get a full-body workout each time.

Book a Fitball Class Today!

Check out your local Gym Plus for the class timetable and find a Fitball class time that suits you!

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