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Join a Box Fitness Class

Join a Box Fitness Class and increase your fitness levels in no time! Box Fitness focuses on boxing drills, pad work, and bodyweight exercises incorporating footwork and abdominal movements. In a boxercise class, you might get to throw punches, but it’ll be at pads, not people!

Box Fitness class

What To Expect?

Box fitness classes, also known as “boxercise” or “boxfit,” are group exercise classes that use boxing techniques and equipment to provide a full-body workout.

During a box fitness class, you will wear gloves (we recommend you bring your own) and use a combination of punches, jabs, and footwork to complete a series of exercises designed to improve strength, endurance, and coordination. We will incorporate cardio intervals, such as jumping rope or running, and strength-training exercises using weights or your own body weight to give you a well-rounded workout.

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What are the Benefits?

Now that we know what Box Fitness is, what are the benefits?


While violence isn’t condoned, taking your frustration and stress out on a punching bag is a great way to improve your mental well-being.

Full body workout


Using a combination of cardio and strength training exercises in box fitness will give you a full-body workout every time.

improved coordination


Box Fitness requires you to use a combination of punches, jabs, and footwork which will help improve your coordination.

Book a Box Fitness Class Today!

Check out your local Gym Plus for the class timetable and find a Box Fitness class time that suits you!

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