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Back to School- Slowly get yourself ready for the autumn

GymPlus Team

August 29, 2023

Back to School- Slowly get yourself ready for the autumn

It’s that time of year again, we are getting ready to prepare for the autumn, back to school, and other new ventures in preparation for a new season. June was incredible this year, so warm with a promise of a long hot summer. July has been the wettest on record, so we are holding out for a few more warm days in August and September.

In the meantime, let’s get mentally ready for the increased speed of the autumn rush.

What can we do now to prepare well?

back to school

Make a list of family favourite meals ahead of the back-to-school rush.

Jot down which ingredients you can buy now. Stock up your ambient larder and freezer with ingredients now. Get ahead of yourself. Being organized will help you be more relaxed leading up to this busy time. You will feel so much better mentally and physically when you have regular nutritious meals that leave you and the family well-fed. So be prepared.

Work out where in your week you can fit your gym classes or gym sessions.

This is top priority as your health should be a priority for yourself this season. Remember that only when you are well you can achieve in your work life and hat home. So put yourself first those couple of times a week at least. I recommend adding the workout to your way home from work. If you’re doing a school run, simply add it into your schedule either just after drop off or just before pick up. You can even make it a handy lunchtime break. Just schedule those 2-3 gym sessions now to avoid feeling overwhelmed at having to slot them in later.

Be prepared for the autumn sniffles.

Whether you have children going back to school or workmates sharing an office, this is the season for the first few sniffles. You can start building up your immune system now by including lots of fresh seasonal fruit in your diet, such as apples, pears, plums, apricots, berries, melons, etc. Make sure to add some to your daily snack or include them in your breakfast. It might also be worth starting to stock up on Vitamin C and Zinc, a brilliant combination to fight an impending cold. As always, ensure you get your regular meals and a good amount of sleep every day, as this will nourish your immune system and allow it to recover to work well.

Be organised for the autumn activities of various household members.

Sit down and write down a schedule before you are thrown into the activities at the deep end unprepared. Work out your priorities. Can you meet everyone’s demands? Work out timings, lifts and places you might need to be at. Most importantly, don’t forget to invest time for self-care so you can fit in your gym time easily enough. Remember, trying to work out the best schedule for everyone you’re living with will require you to say “no” at times, which is okay too. Try to be as well prepared as you can be.

GymPlus Team

August 29, 2023

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