Workout Wardrobe: Spring Edition

Whether you’ve been regularly going to the gym or are looking to start your fitness journey, a spruce up of your gym wear is always a good idea. With spring just around the corner, we’ve come up with a few suggestions of gym gear you might want to add or refresh.


You’ve already got shorts, we know that, but is it time for an upgrade? If you’ve ever wondered where you should put your keys, phone, wallet or any other item you intend to keep on your person, you can find a range of newly designed shorts that offer pockets where you wouldn’t think pockets could exist.

Whether it’s a zip pocket on the back for a key, an in-built phone holder on the inside or a lining that provides more than just a bit of warmth, upgrading your shorts beyond your pocketless ones is a worthwhile investment. Especially if it means the chances of you losing your personal items decrease.


Stay cool during even the sweatiest of times with tights that stay close to you. Tights help your body to stabilise and support your muscles during workout sets. In addition, they also help with blood flow and the muscle repair process which starts immediately, helping to reduce fatigue.

You can purchase tights for pretty much any area of the body but legs, and the upper body, in particular, feels like the right place for tights. For both males and females, this is one item of clothing that should be in your workout bag.


Workout Gloves

Up until now, you may have been going to the gym and lifting weights without workout gloves. In fact, you’ve probably seen others wearing them, so why should you and is now the right time?

Well, workout gloves will first and foremost help you to protect your hands, not just in the long-term but the short-term as well. They will protect you from accidental cuts and bruises but vastly minimise the friction between your skin and the items you lift – in general, you’ll see a better performance to your workout moves due to your increased grip thanks to the workout gloves. If you aren’t already using them, why not give them a try?


New Trainers

Why not invest in new trainers this spring to put a literal ‘spring’ in your step? 

When buying new trainers for the gym, make sure you get the right fit, doing so will help your feet no matter whether you’re main focus is on treadmill running, cycling or weight lighting, the right fitting trainers are necessary.

You also need gym trainers to offer you the best in terms of support and flexibility to allow for ample cushioning and grip. So, make sure you take the time to try a few different variations to ensure that the right type of gym trainers for spring, summer and beyond, are perfect for you.


Spring Into Gym Plus

With spring in the air, why not jump into a Gym Plus today. With locations across the country that cater to a wide range of fitness needs, visit us today and leap towards your fitness goals.


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