Workout motivation tips: How to stick with it after summer

So, you’ve been striving for your perfect summer body shape and guess what, you looked pretty good on the beach last week. But when you’ve washed off the last of the sand and sun cream, how do you keep your intensity levels up and maintain workout motivation as the days get shorter? Here are a few ideas that should help you to stay focused on your fitness:

Workout motivation tip 1: Move the goal posts

In the summer, we tend to automatically lean toward appearance related fitness goals. That’s only natural in a season where even the most modest among us tend to end up showing a bit more skin. But as the nights draw in and you find yourself reaching for additional layers, you might find it more motivating to structure your training around different objectives.

Training for a specific event is a great way to maintain your focus and progress, particularly if you can do it with other members. Alternatively, you might play the numbers game. Recording and then beating target times, weights and reps can be seriously satisfying.

Workout motivation tip 2: Try something new

Whether it’s a boot camp class, yoga or learning your way around a new bit of fit kit to add to your regular routine, a change is definitely better than a rest. Classes are an excellent way of trying new things each week, and then when you find something that floats your boat you can make new fit friends too.

All too often we fall into the habit of doing the same old thing every time we get to the gym and it can get really boring. In addition, if you never change up your workout, you stop fully challenging your body and your performance can plateau which can also kill your motivation. If you’re not sure whether to start swimming or create a new CrossFit inspired workout then grab one of our expert trainers and get their help. They’ll be happy to spend some time with you, working out how to mix up your training and get you having fun again.

Workout motivation tip 3: Fuel your fire

Whether you’re the kind of person that gets a kick out of motivational quotes or you’d rather take your time digesting the latest fitness training bible, what you put in your brain has a marked effect on what you do with your body. And it doesn’t stop at reading. YouTube is crammed full of excellent fitness videos that can show you interesting new moves or methods to enhance your training regime.

Do you have workout motivation tips you want to share? Let us know and we’ll add them to this post.

Webbiz Team

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