Virtual Workouts: Everything You Need To Know

Wearables, health apps, streamable content and virtual classes – welcome to the world of virtual fitness. These popular fitness trends help users to exercise more efficiently at times convenient to them. 

Here we take a closer look at virtual fitness classes…..


What is a virtual fitness class?

So what is a virtual fitness class? It can be best described as the fusion of technology with exercise. If that sounds intimidating, rest assured they are simply the same workouts you are accustomed to in your group exercise classes, combined with state of the art interactive equipment. 

Most modern gyms like Gym Plus now have either dedicated virtual workout studios or equipment on the gym floor with big screens or tablets. Classes are loaded onto the system ready for you to hit “play” and begin your own personal exercise class. This is particularly useful for those using gyms during off-peak hours, allowing members the ultimate flexibility. 


Available On-Demand

Members can take a virtual instructor-led class alone or with a small group at times that suit them. They are a great option for those with unique schedules. Often working parents and shift workers are faced with major constraints to exercising. And the easy accessibility of virtual allows members to fit exercise into their day. 

Virtual classes are often a gateway for live group fitness classes. So for those who don’t like the idea of exercising in a large group class, this is an excellent way of building your confidence in a more private environment, at a pace that suits you.


A Typical Class

The set-up for a virtual class is straight-forward. The class face a big screen and you simply follow the instructor on screen. Some classes will require the use of equipment which will be provided for you and for others you only need to bring yourself.  Combined with high energy music, each class is designed to give you an exciting, high-quality version of live classes. 


Benefits of virtual workouts

Other than the flexibility and accessibility of virtual classes, research has shown that immersing oneself in a virtual environment during a workout helps boost performance and endurance. Focusing on the instructor or visuals on screen has been proven to help reduce the levels of perceived pain and effort. Essentially helping you to push yourself harder. 


Les Mills Virtual Indoor Cycling At Gym Plus

At Gym Plus we offer Les Mills Virtual Cycling workouts in all eight of our clubs.  These audio-visual versions of group indoor cycling classes are played on a screen or tablet. 

The world-class Les Mills instructors are specially trained to deliver an inspiring and safe workout for members at any level of experience. 

Available to book via the FitSense App or on-demand at off-peak times, choose between Les Mills Virtual Sprint or Virtual RPM indoor cycling workouts. Both of these workouts are great for cardiovascular fitness with an emphasis on toning and sculpting your muscles. You will build muscular strength while pedalling against resistance and improve your overall endurance. 


Les Mills Virtual Sprint 

Les Mills Virtual Sprint is a high-intensity interval cycling class that mixes between sprinting, power training and strength building. It features bursts of intensity to work as hard as possible, followed by periods of rest, allowing you to prepare for your next effort. 

Backed by research at Penn State University HIIT cycling has been shown to significantly improve cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal fitness – making it an effective, low-impact alternative to traditional high-intensity interval training. 


Les Mills Virtual RPM

And Les Mills Virtual RPM is the perfect start for people new to cycling. It is a highly motivating, low impact workout where you control the intensity while burning calories and building fitness. Beginners can keep pace with the rest of the class while more experienced bikers can dial it up and challenge themselves. This class is more of a journey than a race!


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