Using A Swimming Pool For Injury Rehab And Fitness

Do you enjoy swimming? The beauty of a swimming pool is that it’s not only great to unwind and relax in, but it’s also got wonderful qualities when it comes to exercising and rehabilitation. Here, we’ll explore the advantages of nursing and rehabilitating an injury using a swimming pool and why.


Swimming Pools for Injury Rehab

Swimming pools are perfect when it comes to injury rehabilitation. For anyone who thrives on exercise and has suddenly had it ripped away from them through injury will know how frustrating it is. However, during these tough times, the swimming pool can be a savior.

Thanks to water’s ability to lessen the impact of most exercises, you’ll find that it can be the perfect way to get back on the road to recovery. You can perform a wide range of exercises. Even ones that target the affected area and help to increase endurance and flexibility. Perhaps even hastening the recovery of your injury so that it nurses back to full health sooner than you thought possible.


Swimming Pools for Fitness

When it comes to cardio, the first exercise that springs to mind might be runnings. But thanks to the nature of water, swimming will force your muscles to work harder, against the resistance of the water which means your muscles exert themselves further than normal. Giving you a great cardio workout.

Exercising in a swimming pool will greatly increase your body’s endurance, strength, and flexibility. Whether you are planning to swim lengths and widths, or more conventional out-of-pool exercises like lateral arm lifts and knee extensions, and incorporate them in the pool, you’ll immediately see an improvement to your body after your exercise session.

Swimming has also been proven to be particularly effective in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Swimming as an exercise engages the skeletal muscles, involving stretching and relaxing while focusing on breathing techniques in a rhythmic pattern. These are key elements of practices designed to invoke relaxation.


Swimming Pool Exercises

There are many simple exercises you can perform in the pool. Water walking, for example, is simple but effective. Walking lengths or widths in the pool will help you to ease into a routine exercise session as the water’s resistance will immediately help you to get ready.

Exercises that target legs and arm muscles like arm curls, knee lifts, and tricep dips will have an increased impact when using the resistance of water.  You can adopt multiple different exercises to the water as well. So, why not test yourself and take your normal gym routine and adapt it to the swimming pool. Immediately reducing the impact on your body without sacrificing effort or results. Here’s some tips on how to improve your freestyle stroke too


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Written by Craig Shields


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