The Sensible Way To Tackle Obesity

It’s a rising problem across the world and there’s no doubt that the pandemic hasn’t helped, but how do we tackle obesity? To tell you the truth, there isn’t a simple answer. However, there are many ways that can help you to tackle obesity and we’ve listed a few here in this blog so that you can start to make a positive change today. 

Eat a healthy balanced diet

To tackle obesity and to lose weight in the right way, you need a healthy balanced diet. While it’s obvious to point out, for many, it’s difficult to achieve.

It’s likely that many people fail to transition to a healthy balanced diet as they try to completely rewrite their entire diet at once. If that doesn’t work for you, then making small changes often can have a big impact. 

Start by focusing on ensuring that you add the right amount of fruits and vegetables to your daily meals. Then, look at calorie control and identifying areas of the day where you’re adding more calories than you should be. Afterward, you can then look at your meat and dairy intake and adjust accordingly. It’s difficult to completely change your eating habits overnight, so aim for little and often and over time you’ll see the results.


Get Your Daily Steps In

Not everyone needs to train for a marathon to shred the pounds off. Instead, walking 10,000 steps a day will improve your health and help to tackle obesity or unwanted fat by stimulating your metabolism.

For many, especially during the pandemic, we have defaulted to a more sedentary lifestyle, which makes walking even more important. It’s also vital to pace yourself as your body will need to adjust to the increased activity, so if you feel that 10,000 steps a day is beyond you to start with, why not set a more realistic goal like 3000 or 5000 and build-up, increasing 500 every few days to reach 10,000.


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Tackle Obesity With A Friend or Community Group

You’re not alone when it comes to improving your fitness. There’s no doubt that you have friends, colleagues, and family members who all want to improve their health, so don’t feel like you’re on your own here.

Whether you encourage your family to start going on your 10,000 step walks to alleviate boredom, join a healthy eating group on Facebook to get inspiration for your daily meals, or join a local sports team or workout group, you have plenty of options. So get fit with someone you know and you can share the benefits of getting healthy.

Treat Yourself Every So Often

Sticking to a routine and plan is important, but you also need to remember you’re not trying to make yourself unhappy. Don’t force yourself to starve off of your favourite treats and snacks entirely, but learn to control when and where you can do so.

Remember, your fitness journey should be done so that you can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits it brings, you shouldn’t force yourself to stop everything you enjoy.

Repetition creates habit, routine, and discipline

In order to tackle obesity, you first need to work out where you are on your fitness journey and create your goals accordingly. 

This might mean you start slow and build up or perhaps, if you’re able to and feel confident enough, dive right in with a program that will see you generate results quickly. However you intend to tackle obesity, it’s important that you work it into your lifestyle as part of your daily or weekly routine. Repetition will create a lifestyle habit and help you with discipline moving forward.

Tackle Obesity with Gym Plus

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We’ll be more than happy to help you achieve your fitness goals, no matter where you are in your journey.



By Craig Shields


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