The New Exercise Classes You Need For 2022

Changing things up when it comes to your fitness routine can always be healthy as it allows you to move in different ways, work more parts of your body and help you to break up your normal fitness routine. 

For 2022, many exercise classes are set to become increasingly popular, and you’ll find them all at Gym Plus over the next twelve months and beyond, so why not change things up and consider one of the following:



With a new year comes new ways to exercise and Yogalates is just that. Combining two of the most popular forms of exercise, Yogalates is a wonderful new exercise craze that is set to take 2022 by storm. 

It’s not a gimmick. And when you think about it, bringing yoga and pilates together just makes sense. Yoga focuses on agility and flexibility of the muscles while pilates helps to strengthen the muscles in the abdominal region, so the two go hand-in-hand.

With Yogalates, there is a drive towards focusing on the mind and body. And it’s an exercise that will be popular in our Gym Plus club in 2022 as we will have dedicated Yogalates classes, so why not get on board early with 2022’s exciting new exercise.


Tae Bo

A combination of tae kwon do and boxing, Tae bo is a fitness class that combines elements of striking, movement and martial arts to create an exercise that hits home.

Despite its influences, Tae Bo is not a combat class of any sort, instead, it focuses entirely on cardiovascular fitness, strength training and by its very nature, endurance. Part of Tae Bo also incorporates dance techniques, so it is an exercise that anyone can do as part of their workout programme.


Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning will upgrade your workout to the point where you’ll feel the calories being stripped away from you. It’s a type of workout that is designed to create an oxygen deficit that forces your body to work at such an accelerated pace that you continue to burn calories during and after your workout. 

It incorporates a range of different styles of workout from HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to traditional circuit training but in a way that maximises everything you do.



Another class that aims to help you to get as much out of your workout as possible is DanceFit. Combining a range of different dance styles, DanceFit is a group exercise that is essentially an aerobics workout to different tunes. 

The way DanceFit works means that the intensity is controlled throughout, ranging from fast tempo movement interspersed with slower bouts of intensity. The way the session develops over time will mean DanceFit will help you with your cardiovascular exercise needs as well as help you to improve your endurance, depending on how long your DanceFit session is. 

It’s a great way of staying in shape and will no doubt provide you with an added boost towards your fitness goals for 2022.



An exercise that has gained substantial ground in recent times but is set to make its impact over the coming months is Pound. 

An extremely fun and impactful class, Pound will see you workout while holding weighted drumsticks which help you to enjoy an energetic class that maximises your fat-burning potential. Unlike other cardio options, Pound is really enjoyable throughout, helping you to enjoy a full-body interval workout that not only pushes your limits but also helps you to unwind in a way that has the potential to transform your body.


Sign Up For Your New 2022 Exercise Class Today

You’ll have access to all these amazing exercise classes at Gym Plus clubs, so why not sign up today and start 2022 with a bang. It won’t be long before you’re enjoying Pound, Tae Bo and Yogalates with friends new and old, so book your next session and start working towards building a 2022 that you can shape around your lifestyle and fitness goals.


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