The Beginners Guide To Summer Fitness

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to feel confident in yourself whilst also boosting your own personal health and fitness.  

Whether you want to focus on a certain muscle group, make a more substantial lifestyle change or just be a bit more consistent with your routine, we’ve identified a number of areas where you can transform how you look and feel by trimming and slimming down for when the sun comes out. 


Start Your Workout Plan Now

It takes time to tone up and get in shape, especially if you haven’t been doing it regularly. Give yourself time, but know you’ll need to find daily motivation to see a difference. Everyone wants to get in shape for summer, but it takes time and planning.


1. Focus On Food 

One sure-fire way of improving your overall health is to make sure you are eating a diet that fits with the fitness goals you want to achieve. Eating more vegetables, fewer carbs and the right amount of protein is a great way to achieve your fitness goals for summer.  

However, you’ll need to make sure you’re operating in a calorie deficit and working out to a level where you’ll start to lose fat rather than put it on. One great way of doing this is to track your intake of calories as you go throughout the day, this way you’ll know where you’re doing well and where you need to cut bits and pieces from your diet in order to stay on top of your goals. 

Need help when it comes to knowing what to eat? Why not check out our range of Gym Plus recipes ( from healthy banana oatmeal pancakes to high protein smoothies and a little bit of everything else, find a way to healthier eating with Gym Plus. 


2. Cardio 

Cardiovascular exercise can help you to hit peak fitness for summer and the great thing about cardio is that there are numerous options when it comes to what you want to do.  

From running and cycling to walking and swimming, the numerous options you have are almost endless.  Why not try a Gym Plus cardio class to get your heart pumping and your 

Doing a bit of cardio as often as you can will help you immensely, as it won’t just help you to lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, but also help your heart pump blood throughout the body more efficiently – helping you to be in peak condition. 


3. Weight Lifting 

 Cardio is the obvious answer when it comes to getting fit for summer, but don’t underestimate the power of weight training – especially if it’s something you haven’t done before. 

While it will naturally help your muscles to grow, weight lifting is a great way of lowering your overall body fat as well – naturally, as you work out you’ll sweat and, as we mentioned earlier, if you’re eating in the right way, you’ll naturally shed weight and tone your body. It’s also a way of working out that where you can change up your routine with different programmes and keep it fresh, so you’ll never get bored either. 


4. Water 

The miracle drink, water is a great help when it comes to slimming down for summer. As it contains no calories, you can take in water without putting weight on and it helps to satisfy your appetite before meals.  

Using water to replace other drinks is a great way to cut down on calories and, as your body needs water to maintain temperature, remove waste and help with joint movement, it’s a win-win situation to improve your overall health. 


Hit Peak Fitness At Gym Plus This Summer 

Feel confident in your body at Gym Plus this summer with our wide range of cardio and weight lifting equipment, extensive classes, swimming pools, health suites and so much more. No matter what your fitness goals are, at Gym Plus, our multiple locations have everything you need to really go the extra mile and hit your personal exercise targets. 


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