#TBT National Fitness Day: Feel Good Friday for Cycle Against Suicide

#ThrowbackThursday: Looking back at National Fitness Day

Our event “Feel Good Friday” took place on 29th September 2017 for National Fitness Day. Chosen and sponsored by Ireland Active. Participants across all 5 Gym Plus clubs worked together in an attempt to cycle as far around the world as they could in just one day.

Everyone from Mayors, to local VIPs and our awesome members jumped on one of our state of the art Keiser exercise bikes and pedalled a few kilometres in aid of Cycle Against Suicide. Cycle Against Suicide’s CEO Glen Reid did sterling work touring all 5 participating clubs and doing a stint on a bike at each!

The Ashbourne A-Team

All the clubs did brilliantly, both in the number of participants and total distance cycled. However, it was the Ashbourne A-Team who clocked up over 2450 kilometres between just 120 people!

Winner of our year’s free membership was dedicated member Teresa Fennell, who did a whopping 3 spin classes during the day to add to her tally.

Key event stats:

  • We had 516 participants and thank every single one.
  • Over 8400 kilometres were cycled, that’s Dublin to LA!
  • We raised €1800 for Cycle Against Suicide
  • Rathfarnham cycled 1036.7 kilometres between 92 people
  • Ashbourne cycled 2454.8 kilometres between 120 people
  • Naas cycled 733.4 kilometres between 50 people
  • Swords cycled 2343.9 kilometres between 143 people
  • Drogheda cycled 1845.6 kilometres between 111 people

The video:

“Feel Good Friday” for National Fitness Day and Cycle Against Suicide from Sandra Dunne on Vimeo.

Webbiz Team

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