Swimming in Naas: Pools, lessons & more…

Swimming is one of the most versatile and beneficial forms of exercise. And the great news is that now you can go swimming in Naas. Swimming offers significant benefits for pretty much any individual, from absolute beginners to elite athletes. Also, swimming is one of the few forms of exercise that is more immediately accessible to those with injuries. As well as those suffering from health issues and other common barriers to training and conditioning work.

Learn more about this diverse discipline and discover where you can go swimming in Naas below.

Our Naas swimming pool

Gym Plus Naas offers one of the only swimming pools in the area. Our swimming pool is conveniently located in the centre of town. It has plenty of free parking available and the pool itself is a good size. The swimming pool offers lanes for different swimming speeds as well as classes such as Aquafit. The swimming pool also plays host to our Swim Plus Academy, where adults and children of all ages and abilities learn to swim.

Swimming lessons in Naas

The Swim Plus Academy in Naas is one of the leading providers of the Swim Ireland “Learn to Swim” programme. The programme is a multi-level offering that takes children from their first tentative paddling sessions all the way to advanced techniques to improve their style and speed for each stroke.

Qualified swimming instructors make swimming lessons into loads of fun for every child and the online home portal allows for easy lesson booking and tracking of course progress for the child’s parents. There are so many benefits for children when they learn to swim including important life skills they gain through lessons. 

More ways to relax in Naas

Our swimming pool also offers a health suite, so you can turn your functional fitness swimming session into a spa-like pampering session. If you’re set for a bit of sself-spoiling the club is also home to a beautician offering massages, spa treatments and much more. If your swimming is part of a wider injury recovery programme, you’ll find a physio conveniently located within the club to help with your injury rehabilitation.

Find out more about swimming at Gym Plus.

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