Swimming Lessons

You’re never too old or too young to start your exciting journey towards water confidence. Where better to learn than a leading Swim Ireland approved centre? We provide a warm welcome and ongoing support for anyone who wants to swim, with classes for babies, children and adults alike.

Swimming Lessons FAQ’s


Learn To Swim

At Swim Plus, you’ll find a swim academy with exemplary standards. We run the official Swim Ireland programmes for beginners through to advanced levels with small teacher to pupil ratios for first-rate tuition. Classes are available for babies, children and adults, so no matter what your age or stage, we can help you progress your swimming and water confidence.

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Swim Safety Covid-19 

Our top priority is the safety of everyone in and around the pool while learning to swim. With this in mind, we politely ask you to stay at home if you or your children are feeling unwell with any symptoms of Covid-19. We would kindly ask all parents to wear face masks while attending swim lessons from Monday 10th Aug 2020.
We have made every effort to ensure the wellness of all the children attending Swim Plus Academy lessons and we appreciate your responsible conduct, support and co-operation in keeping everyone safe.
In accordance with our sickness policy, credit can be applied in many cases where a doctor’s cert is produced. Together, with your help, we can learn to swim in a healthy & fun way.

Ready, set, get wet!

Let us know what type of swimming lessons you’re interested in and we’ll provide information on the best classes to suit you. If you’re not sure about the right level for your child, we can also offer a free virtual assessment to help you make the right choice.

Swimming Lessons FAQ’s

I'm new to swim lessons how do I start?

Don’t worry about which class to join! We offer free virtual grading to all new children joining the Swim Ireland programme except children in armbands; they will automatically start at level 1.

Can I do private lessons?

Most of our clubs offer private lessons. Intensive one on one sessions are a great way to progress specific skills or train for a big competition, however if cost is a consideration we do recommend to consider group lessons as this is a much more affordable option. If you’re interested in private tuition, just let us know when you enquire. 

Do you do parent and toddler/baby classes?

Yes! We welcome you to come an explore the water with your little one from 3-36 months. This is a great way to bond with your baby, increase your toddler’s water confidence and guarantee they’ll be ready for a nice long nap time. 

Do you do adult swimming lessons?

Most of our clubs run group adult swimming lessons, typically 45 minutes long. Whether you are a total beginner or looking to improve your swimming skills and technique, let us know what you’re hoping to achieve and we can advise which class would best suit your goals. 

How do I book to get my child's level assessed?

We offer conveniently timed sessions to suit all schedules. Just contact your club to find out which times are available, choose your ideal slot and give us a call to book in your child.

At a beginner level, the ratio of teacher to a child is 1:6, allowing for increased levels of personal interaction and support of each child. This then increases to a 1:10 in the upper levels, where your child will require more of a coaching style of instruction. Our pool is closed during the lessons which give your child the best possible learning environment.

All teacher to student ratios:

  • Level 1: 1:6
  • Level 2 :  1:7
  • Level 3: 1:7
  • Level 4: 1:10
  • Level 5 +: 1:10

NOTE: Ratios currently reduced due to COVID-19 for safety.

How will I know when my child is ready to move to the next level?

Your child has the opportunity to constantly grow and progress with our lessons. As your child completes each level, they’ll be invited to move up through the programme, providing a real sense of achievement. The lessons run all year excluding Christmas, so all you need to do is sign up for a new term every 10 weeks online.

How does the online portal work?

You’ll be invited to register your child on our online portal where you can view your child’s progress and easily pay for lessons online.

How much are the swim lessons?

€90 for members and €100 for non-members