Swimming Lessons: 5 life skills for young learners

 The one thing we can all agree on is swimming lessons saves lives.

And although learning to swim can’t prevent all water-related deaths, it can prevent a lot of them. Learning how to float, tread water, swim a distance and be relaxed in the water are essential skills. And in turn, these skills result in many benefits for learners. For example, improved coordination, stronger muscles and joints and increased lung capacity.

But did you know there are other advantages to swimming lessons that can aid children’s development? Below we have outlined 5 ways swimming lessons can support the cognitive and behavioural development of young learners. 

1. Swimming lessons improve social skills

Research has shown that the earlier a child begins taking swimming lessons, the more social skills they develop before starting school. At Gym Plus we have seen first hand how swimming can be a very successful aid to the social development of a child.

For example, it introduces the young learner to the concepts of sharing and teamwork. During their swimming lessons at Gym Plus, children learn how to follow instruction and wait their turn. And this helps them to make friends and work together in other social settings.

Swim lessons also promote social interaction between the participants. And often our swim instructors use games and play during the lessons to help the kids feel comfortable in the group setting, enabling them to form friendships.


2. Children become more independent

Swimming lessons can also help children become more independent. For example, some children overcome major fears to take part. And as a result feel more in control of their lives when they do so. This, in turn, can help lower other anxieties they may have. Moreover, during swimming lessons children learn how to make decisions by themselves, helping to stretch their minds and develop a sense of responsibility. 

Swim instructor talks to children at Gym Plus

3. Swimming lessons help kids learn better

Swimming has been proven to be one of the best exercises for brain development. This can help them to concentrate and focus more during school, which contributes to higher educational achievements.

In particular, swimming has been shown to improve children’s abilities in math, reading comprehension and languages. And giving a child a productive outlet to exert their energy essentially helps them to be more motivated to learn.

4. Swimming teaches children about hard work

An important life skill for many young swimmers is that hard work earns rewards. As mentioned above, swimming is one of the best exercises for brain development. It also teaches young learners how to set goals and to aim for success. Moreover, it teaches them that with patience and hard work, they can develop important skills.

And at Gym Plus we have seen how the young learners develop a sense of pride in their success, as they complete each stage of their swim programme. And because success is based on individual achievement, each participant can strive toward their goals in their own time.


5. Swimming lessons teach children to become confident and self-disciplined

Learning to swim teaches children to become more confident and self-disciplined as they progress through the stages of the Swim Ireland programme. Gym Plus swim instructors encourage participants to be assertive throughout the class. And as a result, the children feel comfortable in the water, ready to take on the challenge. Furthermore, they develop self-discipline.


Are you interested in signing your child up for swimming lessons at Gym Plus? We offer free grading to all new children joining the Swim Ireland programme. You can sign them up HERE. Alternatively, if you want to test the water yourself and just have a free swim on us then sign-up for an adult free guest pass HERE.


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