Take The Plunge: Why Swimming Is The Ultimate Workout

Swimming is the ultimate workout for everyone. Whether you are a young learner or a pro athlete, it can help you learn new skills, improve your overall fitness and make you feel great. Here’s some reasons to give it a try:

Swimming is for everyone

You don’t have to be young and fit, you don’t have to be Olympic level or even particularly good at it. All ages and abilities can benefit from swimming. In addition, the swimming workout is one of the most recommended for people suffering from ongoing chronic conditions or recovering from injury. And for the younger learner, it can help them develop important life skills. 

It makes you feel amazing

Speedo surveyed 4000 swimmers and found that 74% think that swimming releases stress and tension. In addition, 68% said that being in the water helps them to feel good about themselves and 70% felt mentally refreshed after swimming.

Swimming helps cardio fitness and muscle development

There’s none of this “is it a strength day or a cardio day?” stuff with swimming, because you can do both together in the one exercise. It raises your heart rate for increased cardio fitness and the resistance of the water builds and tones muscle without risking injury from jerks and strains. At Gym Plus we offer classes such as Aquafit to help you boost your energy, burn fat and improve your well-being.

Swimming class at Gym Plus

It makes you better at other sports

There’s a reason most pro athletes incorporate swimming into their training regimes. It’s the perfect support activity for any other sport or fitness activity, providing a low impact, full body workout that can be scaled up for fitness or down for recovery. The goal for athletes is not to excel in the pool but to use the aquatic exercise to supplement the athlete’s training.

Bonus benefit: Swimming isn’t sweaty

On the few days a year when Ireland’s temperatures soar and we have proper summer weather, it can be a bit much even sitting at your desk, let alone working out. Swimming provides the ultimate in cooling, sweat-free workouts. So, why not give swimming a try at Gym Plus? As a member you get access to all facilities. Why not book a guest pass today.

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