Super Healthy Breakfasts

Our resident nutritionist Alex Dobbs shares her tips on how to integrate healthier options into our breakfasts, helping to fuel our bodies throughout the day.


Super Healthy Breakfasts

As with all things in nutrition, establishing what exactly constitutes a healthy breakfast is a minefield of conflicting advice and information.

While there are always exceptions to the rule, most of us do very well on a substantial breakfast. When you eat breakfast within an hour of waking, you essentially fuel up your body for a good start to the day. If you neglect to eat before you start going about your daily work, you ask your body to mobilize energy from your resources (i.e. stored fat). While burning fat so early in the day may sound like a good weight loss idea, skipping breakfast often plays tricks with our metabolism later on in the day.

There are two main reasons for this: 1) skipping breakfast requires your body to use adrenalin to get the liver to release stored energy, which is unnecessary stress on your system; 2) this sets you off on a blood sugar roller coaster later in the day which find you craving and snacking more than you would like to. You will end up taking on board more energy that way than if you simply ate a healthy breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast.

As with all things foodie, it really depends on your preferences what type of breakfast you prefer. I personally prefer a higher protein content over carbohydrates. Listen to your body, and aim for the right healthy breakfast for yourself.

French toast with berries

What makes a healthy weekday breakfast?

French Toast – beat 2 eggs in a deep dish, soak 2 slices of sourdough or wholemeal bread, pan fry in butter till both sides are golden brown. Serve with maple syrup or honey.

Eggy Pitta – fry/scramble/hard boil and egg, open a wholemeal pitta bread, throw in the egg, ½ avocado or some lettuce, and a small handful of grated cheese.

Lazy Muesli – take a large Kilner jar, layer it with all your favourite muesli ingredients, starting with oats, dried berries, some yummy nuts and seeds, maybe chia seeds and ground flaxseeds. Keeps in the closed Kilner jar for a week or more.

No-Cook Overnight Oats – soak ¾ cup of oats overnight in water or your preferred milk, and add frozen berries of your choice. Soak in the fridge or in a cool area. In the morning you can dress this with coconut yoghurt, some nuts and honey for a fab quick breakfast.

Breakfast Burrito – pan fry some mushrooms, garlic and baby spinach in olive oil, meanwhile slice ½ avocado, cut up some fresh baby tomatoes, and open a small tin of baked beans. When the veg are fried to your liking, simply roll all ingredient up in a wholemeal tortilla wrap.


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