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Strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym

GymPlus Team

September 20, 2023

Strategies for maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym

One of my main objectives when speaking to clients is to make sure that they understand that they can achieve their goals, that change is possible, and that they will enjoy their new healthy habits. Most importantly, though, I try to help people understand to keep things simple. If you make simple changes in your life, you will stick to them.
One of the simple changes I advise my clients to make is making sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle outside of their gym classes. If you adopt a healthy lifestyle, you will reap the benefits both in the gym and outside.

Here are some super simple healthy lifestyle hacks for all to follow.

maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym


Walk that extra mile. Get off the bus a stop early and walk the rest of the day away; park your car a little further away and walk to your destination. You can also simply schedule a half-hour stroll before or after work, after the school run, or between meetings. A half-hour walk is all it takes to make real improvements to your health and fitness. Allow yourself that time.

Take the stairs.

When out shopping or in an office building, allow yourself to take the stairs rather than using the elevator every time. Walking up or down stairs is good exercise. Science shows us that little bursts of exercise, like walking a flight of stairs, greatly affect your overall health. And it only takes a few minutes.
Stand at the Desk. If you have an occupation that requires you to spend extended time in front of the computer or at a desk, consider buying a sit/stand desk that is height adjustable for yourself. This gives you the freedom to get up off your chair at times and work standing up. It relieves pressure on your back, gets you moving and stretching gently, and can even help improve concentration and performance.

Diet and Nutrition

Keep a water bottle handy. Strange as it may sound, we don’t have a natural appetite for water. Thirst is something we train our body to feel. Keeping sipping away at water while you’re working will improve your concentration and performance, and it’ll also improve training in the gym. Aim for drinking 1.5l of fresh water throughout the day. Coffee and alcohol dehydrate, so substitute those with water or herbal teas as much as possible.

Have some fresh fruit or veg with every meal. This may sound like a lot if you aren’t really eating any veg or fruit at all. But just consider it a multivitamin shot every time you bite into a piece of fruit or veg. They contain large amounts of water (see hydration above) and nutrients that are absolutely essential for daily living. As the nutrients come in their natural form, they are readily absorbed by the body, so eating fresh fruit and veg is much more efficient than relying on expensive synthetic vitamin tablets or drinks. Fruit and veg also contain the whole spectrum of beneficial fibres, keeping your gut healthy too.

Be prepared whether it’s the next meal or even just the next snack. Have healthy options lined up so you don’t get tempted to buy that chocolate bar or muffin when you’re actually only wanting to pay for your fuel? We all know the temptation of those chocolates at the tills. I recommend you buy a few healthy fruit and nut bars and keep them in your bag or car when travelling. Likewise, at home, ensure your fruit bowl is topped up, and you have healthy snack options like yoghurt in your fridge. As always, if you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it. Don’t even buy biscuits for home, then you won’t be tempted to eat them.

GymPlus Team

September 20, 2023

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