Staying Safe In The Gym

Staying safe is vital when it comes to making the most of your workout routine and staying fit. Whether it’s how to use free weights or being aware of the dangers of Covid, staying safe in the gym is possible. Here’s how you can get a great workout without compromising your safety.


Covid Safe Gym

While it’s taken all of us some time to adjust to a global pandemic, everyone still needs to take precautions. The most critical way of keeping everyone safe is to ensure your hygiene is in the best condition possible. And the best way you can do that is to ensure your hands are washed thoroughly before and after a workout session. Healthy hands that are sanitised will allow you to make sure you keep yourself and others safe. And to help, all of our Gym Plus locations have special stations that make this as easy as possible.

We ask all our members to ensure they carry a sweat towel with them at all times. In addition, before and after using a piece of equipment, it’s best practice to use the anti-microbial spray and blue paper towels (that you’ll also find at our stations inside the gym) to keep every piece of apparatus as clean as possible. 


Working Out With An Injury

If you’re returning to the gym from an injury, whether it’s a short term one or a lengthy recovery that required surgery, it goes without saying that you need to be careful.

Injuries can stop us in our prime and it can be a struggle to get back to where we were. You need to ensure that you take your time and do not rush back. Which might mean you need to adjust your routine. For example, swapping free weights to machine weights for extra support. Or changing your cardio from the treadmill to the bike to ease the pressure on your joints. Being careful with your body in the early stages of recovery will help you to get back in tip-top shape. 

If you rush and return to your normal routine, you’ll increase the chances of worsening your injury. So take your time and ensure you’re in the best condition possible before you move back to your normal routine. With access to all the equipment at Gym Plus, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the best injury recuperation possible.


Using Equipment with Weights

During your workout, you may choose to take advantage of the machine and free weights we have on offer at Gym Plus, but if used incorrectly both can be dangerous. If you are returning from injury or new to weight lifting, then using our set of machine weights will be the perfect place to start. This is because they offer a level of safety where if you drop the weight. They don’t fall uncontrollably, instead of settling back into their resting position. They also let you build up your strength and endurance accordingly until you’re ready to start using free weights.

When the time is right to move to dumbbells and kettlebells, you need to ensure that your setup is safe. And any apparatus you’re using is secure with seats locked in place and benches or boxes on safe ground that won’t slip. At Gym Plus, all our members can avail of a free fitness assessment with one of our expert fitness trainers every six weeks. They will demonstrate how to use the equipment correctly and help you execute proper form. 

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Stay Safe and Workout At Gym Plus

Work out without worry in one of our Gym Plus locations across the country. Not only will you find equipment to help you work out to the best of your ability, but you’ll also enjoy equipment that is safe and clean. Use our special cleaning stations to ensure you’re ready to go in a healthy, safe and clean environment, visit us today and start working towards your fitness goals.



Written by Craig Shields


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