Stay Home, Stay Active: Creating A New Exercise Routine

Over the past two weeks, the chances are your lifestyle has become more sedentary. And staying active over the next few weeks will be very important. For our physical health, in order to strengthen the immune system and for our mental health, reducing stress and lowering anxiety.

So what can we do to keep fit and healthy while heeding the new advice about social distancing and staying at home where possible?


Simple Ways To Stay Active

Our Gym Plus fitness experts recommend that you carve out time each week to stay active. Perform mild to moderate exercise (20-45 minutes), up to three times per week where possible. You can easily incorporate some easy movements into your new home workout routine, such as lunges, squats, planks and press-ups. For your cardio try walking, running or cycling outdoors, within a safe physical distance from others. Or if you are confined to your home, try running on the spot, up the stairs,  shuttle runs in the living room, burpees and jumping jacks.

And for strength training, use whatever equipment you have at home. You might have purchased some free weights like kettlebells or dumbells, or have some resistance bands at home. So do a sweep of your house and see what you can find. Or you might want to invest in some free weights or resistance bands now, so you can purchase these online from most major sports stores like Elverys or and get it delivered to your directly to your door.

Even without equipment, there are lots of strength exercises you can do like using a chair for squats, tricep dips and other bodyweight exercises.

Keep Moving, Stay Positive

The important thing is to keep moving. Get out and play with the kids in the garden, design your own workout using Les Mills exercise tutorials and your FitSense app and aim to get in your daily steps. It will not only help you to clear your mind and keep you busy but also boost your mood and deal with anxiety and stress.

Additionally, plan your exercise where possible to provide structure to your days.

Below are a selection of our Gym Plus workout videos that you can try at home too.  See all our workout videos on our YouTube channel.


Using Kettlebells


Resistance Bands



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