Shape My Plan : A Meal Plan You Can Actually Stick To

Did you know Gym Plus members can now access Shape My Plan for free? Simply ask at reception for your code to access.

Shape My Plan is an online meal planner that is easy to follow and stick to. Owners Marie and Edel came up with the idea when Marie needed to lose weight. Their aim is to provide healthy family-friendly recipes that are flexible and achievable for busy lives.

Shape My Plan

Fed up with intermittent fasting, no carb/low carb and carb cycling and the constant barrage of conflicting information consistent with today’s weight loss world, sisters Marie and Edel recognised a niche in the market for a simplistic, healthy, non-restrictive meal planning system that could be embraced by the whole family and importantly that delivered results.

The concept is simple, users input their individual information, including height, weight, activity level and their goals and Shape My Plan develops a customised meal plan, including recipes, that you can adapt based on how you feel on any given day. You can have up to 60 swap options per meal all coming in at the same calories.

According to the sisters, flexibility and options were key.

“The website allows for the realities of life like a few glasses of wine and takeaway at the weekend or needing to shift a few extra pounds quickly to fit into that dress for a wedding”.

Shape My Plan also offers meal options for people on the go, including snack a-jacks, rice cakes, eat real snacks, popcorn.

The Dublin Meat company and chopped have also come on board with its top meals available as options to people on the move, making Shape My Plan an easy and simple way to shed a few pounds while still enjoying the good things.

Furthermore, there is great community of Shape My Plan followers who are always-on to give advice and tips to both women and men who are trying to work, clean the house, eat healthily and get out and exercise.

Marie’s Story

Marie was overweight, stressed and juggling family and a job (like us all). She decided enough was enough and joined a gym, taking part in a 6-week challenge. She was handed a white piece of paper from the personal trainer and told to follow the meals they suggested, go to the gym 3 times a week and that she would lose all the weight. The problem was it was not sustainable, she found it boring and it did not suit her family life.

“I was cooking separate meals and getting overwhelmed with it all. That is when I found Shape My Plan. Every Sunday I would sit down and can plan my week. No more rice, broccoli and chicken for dinner. I can make 60 different Swap options at each meal so I’m getting variety.”

“I can still go out and have a drink at the weekends due to being able to adjust my calories and save them for the weekend. Or if I have a big event coming up I can go macro mode hitting all my carbs, fats and proteins and lose even more. It has really changed my life. I lost 2 stone in the past year doing a calorie deficit diet while hitting the gym.”

“I feel I am on top of the world, I tried every diet out there and I failed every single time. Shape My Plan really gives me a sustainable diet that is easy and only cooking 1 meal for the whole family makes my life so much easier”.







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