Refuel: Quick Fix Food For Post-Workout Munchies

Quick Fix Food

When you’ve given it your all at the gym, the last thing you want is to spend hours slaving over a hot stove when you’re really, really hungry. And tired. So, here’s our favourite post-workout quick-fix food that takes just minutes to prepare. And there are hundreds of different ways of varying them to mix things up, keep it interesting and stop diet fatigue setting in.

Stir Me Up

You can stir fry pretty much any vegetable or protein source, so the combinations are endless. Just make sure your veggies are all roughly the same size before you start. Get the pan really hot, seal your protein source and get some caramelised colour on it. Next, add the veg, slosh in whatever sauces, spices etc you have in the cupboard and away you go.

Salad Days

Don’t just stick to dull leaves and plain protein with your salad. Add nuts, seeds, a light sprinkling of cheese, make a healthy dressing, spice up your protein, add root vegetables, try different grains, add a bit of fruit (yes, fruit!). Sliced mango is ideal.  Soon you’ll have a salad that’s nothing short of sensational.

Quick fix salad post workout

Oaty Goodness

We all love a bit of porridge on a cold winter’s morning, but oats don’t have to be consigned to the start of our shorter days. Make a bowl of porridge with fresh fruit for supper, add (naturally) flavoured protein powders, plan ahead and make up a batch of bircher muesli, add nuts, seeds and a drizzle of agave syrup. The possibilities offered by a humble bowl of oats take some beating.

Oh My Omelette

Eggs are one of the best quick-fix foods for after your workout. Combine with other protein sources, such as chicken or turkey. And then add veg. In a couple of minutes, you have a beautifully balanced meal that feels far naughtier than it actually is. Spice up your egg mix with whatever’s lurking in the back of your cupboard. Soy sauce or paprika work perfectly. Vary your omelettes contents or layer up the protein and veg in an ovenproof dish with leftover spuds, pour the egg over and bake yourself an exotic sounding frittata.


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