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Providing a community in Kodike, Uganda, with clean water

GymPlus Team

December 6, 2022

Providing a community in Kodike, Uganda, with clean water

Gym Plus has always been passionate about our connection to the community and helping others, and one way we do this is by partnering with Fields of Life and providing a community with clean water. This extends far beyond our local communities in Ireland, though. Since 2018, we have been helping the community of Kodike, in the Kumi district of Eastern Uganda, access fresh water by using a borehole.

providing water in Uganda

Gaining access to fresh, clean water

Before the community of Kodike had access to well 877 they had to walk 5km to the closest village to access safe and clean water. This often led to children spending days without food as there was no water to prepare meals. It also meant that the maintenance increased when using the neighbouring borehole as there was a higher number of people using it.

10km round-trip

Girl in Uganda holding glass of clean drinking water

As it was a long round trip to the neighbouring village for fresh water, some in the village took to collecting water from the nearby swamp. This water was unsafe for human consumption and led to water-borne diseases such as diarrhoea, bilharzia, and typhoid. These diseases impacted the vulnerable children and elderly in the village the most.

Helping 212 households

With well 877 functioning and offering the people of Kodike water in their village, it now means that they can protect their children and elderly from these diseases and ensure that there is enough water for all children to eat. Well 877 is helping 212 households in Kodike, offering them a better solution. Gym Plus is delighted to be a part of helping the community access clean, accessible water.

Partnering with Fields of Life

Gym Plus is proud to partner with Fields of Life to supply fresh water to the people in Kodike. Fields of Life has 25 years of experience working in East African countries such as Uganda, Rwanda, and South Sudan. Their goal is to aid the most vulnerable and marginalised people in East Africa. The do this by providing education, clean water, promotion of health, and other community-based programmes. Gym Plus has been working with Field of Life since 2018 to help the people of Kodike. By partnering with them, we give access to clean water by drilling a borehole.

The process of drilling a borehole

Drilling manager in Uganda

There is an 11-step process of drilling a borehole to ensure the water is safe to consume.
Steps 1 & 2 identify the area and set up community sensitisation to ensure the well is maintained.
Steps 3 & 4 have a hydrologist survey the area and clear the site for the borehole. Steps 5 & 6 see the drilling team arrive in the community and set up their tent for their stay before praying with the community.
Steps 7 & 8 are when the drilling begins until they hit fresh water. Then they test the pumping to help determine the right pump to install into the borehole.
Steps 9 & 10 analyse the quality of the water to ensure it is safe. Once that is complete, a plaque is placed to show the community who has donated.
Step 11 is the final step and is training given to the water committee to maintain the well.
Once these are complete, the village will have constant access to clean water, which is amazing!

Donate Today

Donate now

Partnering with Fields of Life has helped a community in Uganda have access to clean drinking water.  If you want to make a difference, you can donate privately on the Fields of Life website and help other communities like the one in Kodike gain access to better education, water, and health services today.

GymPlus Team

December 6, 2022

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