Productive You: Top Tips For A Healthy Workplace

Healthy Workplace

No one likes being ill, that’s a given. But beyond taking time off for sickness, a lot of us just don’t feel all that awesome when we step into the office for yet another long day at your desk. So, how do you look after yourself when you’re working full time? Here are our top tips:

Snack Smart

Staying healthy in the workplace begins with creating some healthy habits. Whether it’s someone popping to the shop for biscuits for the team to have with their coffee, a vending machine lunch when you’re busy or yet another birthday cake, it sometimes feels like you can’t avoid sugary fatty treats. And once in a while, they don’t hurt. But daily, they can have a negative impact on your health and how you feel about yourself. Keeping some healthier snacks in your bag can help you resist temptation!

Break For Lunch

City workers are terrible for not taking a proper lunch break and it’s a trend that’s spreading. Popping out to grab a sandwich to eat at your desk or running around doing 20 different errands during your lunch hour before inhaling a snack bar on your way back to work are shortcuts to feeling pretty rubbish and lacking energy for the afternoon ahead. Step away from everything and give yourself a proper break. Go for a quick walk or slot in a workout at lunch. And aim to eat something healthy and balanced away from your desk. Even for 4 out of the 5 working days.

Keep It Clean

Lots of people in close proximity is the perfect environment for germs to spread. An easy way to stay healthy in the workplace is to minimise this risk by covering your mouth when you cough and sneeze. Also, keep any communal areas clean and tidy and sorting out your workspace so it can be cleaned properly. Keyboards, tills and other high traffic areas for fingers are particularly bad. Especially if you eat at the desk, so you might want to shake out the crumbs and give the keys a quick wipe with an antibacterial wipe now and again. Also, have some travel sized alcohol gel easy to grab and use throughout the day.

Take Screen Breaks

If your job involves looking at any kind of screen for any length of time, you should take regular breaks to keep your brain sharp and ease any strain on your neck, shoulder and back. In addition, make sure your screen is positioned correctly so you are not having to look up or down, or stretch to reach your keyboard or mouse.

Befriend Your Benefits

If your company offers employee benefits that are related to wellness, make sure you use them. Anything from subsidised gym memberships to telephone counselling services are regularly featured in employee benefits packages and can help you stay well in body and mind, even during the most stressful times.

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