Nutritious Festive Foods

The festive season can be a difficult time when it comes to stay on track with your healthy eating plan. With this in mind, we decided to analyse the festive feasts and help you to work out what’s good for you and your diet, in moderation.



The Christmas classic, thankfully, turkey is a lean meat that is high in protein and a great source of vitamin B2 – which is great for your skin and eyes. To enjoy a healthy turkey over the festive season, try to remove the skin as it’s full of saturated fat and focus on the meat itself. Also, opt for the beast meat rather than any other part like the thigh, as it contains fewer calories.



A delicious addition to any Christmas dinner, if you don’t keep count you can quickly pile on the calories. However, potatoes do contain vitamin C and a helping of fibre and starch. To help you to eat a bit healthier, consider using an air fryer as this way you’ll still get the roast effect but with reduced-fat.


Brussel Sprouts

The vegetables that split opinion but there’s no doubt they belong on the Christmas dinner table. Brussel sprouts contain vitamin K which help with cuts and wounds, helping the body to recover quicker, as well as vitamin C and fibre which helps to keep the stomach healthy. They’re also rich in antioxidants which aid with eye health. For a healthier way to eat brussel sprouts, try to steam them instead of frying, and limit to one portion of four or five brussel sprouts.



A great addition to any Christmas dinner, you can make this Christmas favourite even better by making it from seeds, nuts and dried fruit which means they contain fibre, vitamin E and magnesium. To make it even healthier, why not replace breadcrumbs with quinoa and limit your portions to no more than 50g. This allows you to enjoy stuffing without feeling like you’ve ruined your diet.


Parsnips and Carrots

Another couple of Christmas dinner must-haves are parsnips and carrots. Having a few parsnips with dinner is a good way to add more fibre and folate to your diet, with the latter aiding the body to create healthy red blood cells. Meanwhile, carrots are high in vitamin A which is important as they can help to prevent bad germs from infecting the body.


Roasting both in light olive oil or steaming will help you to enjoy both in a healthier fashion this Christmas.


Cranberry Sauce

Rich in vitamin C, cranberry sauce is a great addition, especially if you can find a cranberry sauce brand that is low in sugar. The vitamin C in cranberry aids the body by protecting cells and helping the skin to be as healthy as it possibly can be. If you’re making your own, then why not add honey or a sweetener to ensure the flavour is high in quality.


After Christmas Dinner

Once you’ve had Christmas dinner and the post-food nap on the sofa, attention must turn to the new year and new possibilities – how about a new you? 

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