5 fun new fitness trends to transform your training

Whether you’re looking for new ideas to shake up your training schedule or you’re just curious about what new fitness trends are taking gyms and health clubs by storm, we have news for you. Here’s our pick of the freshest and hottest new fitness trends of the moment:

HIIT Heads To The Pool

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been big news for a couple of years now, due to its almost instant impact on our shape and fitness levels. The next big thing is to take the principles of HIIT you’re used to from the treadmill or exercise bike and apply them to your water based workouts.

Make this new fitness trend work for you with short timed sprints using different strokes. Lengths isolating upper and lower body and intense bursts of exercise using the water for resistance can also be formed into a HIIT workout for the swimming pool.

Beats for a better body

Everyone and their dog seems to have a FitBit or other wearable health monitoring device these days and this has lead to a resurgence in the popularity of heart rate training.

The science behind heart rate training isn’t new. We’ve long understood that different heart rate bands exist for optimal fat reduction, fitness building etc. (See how to calculate yours here.)However, with wearables becoming far more stylish and less invasive than the sweaty chest straps of the 90’s, people are once again looking closer at the data to achieve their dream fitness results.

Punching for perfection

Virtual boxing is big news. Men and women alike are channelling their inner Rocky and throwing punches in pursuit of fitness perfection.

To tap into this new fitness trend, you might choose to join a class that features combat moves like Boxfit or Cardio Combat. Alternatively just take yourself off into the functional fitness area and shadow box your boss’ face, as you feel the stresses of the day melt away.

Indoor rowing races

If you’ve got a competitive streak but you don’t fancy chilly mornings and soggy boats, this is the new fitness trend for you. Indoor rowing races are a really fun way to cane through some cardio without even realising you’re working up a sweat.

All you need is 2 or more rowing machines and a friend. Choose your distance and add any other settings you like, making sure you both have the same, then ready, steady, go! If you haven’t got a rowing buddy yet, why not invite other members to join you for an impromptu race or recruit one on the noticeboards or Facebook page?

Workouts for mind and body

Mindfullness was a massive 2016 trend and 2017 sees us more aware of our mental wellbeing than ever. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that workouts that look after the mind as well as the body are growing in popularity.

Yoga is top dog when it comes to mind and body balancing, so classes like Stretch and Relax are a great choice. Up and coming workout styles that require balance, coordination, complex moves and counting stuff out improve mental agility as well as your physical performance.

Whichever new fitness trends take your fancy, trying something new is always a great idea to keep you motivated and stops any frustrating fitness plateaus.


Webbiz Team

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