Body & Beyond: What A Modern Gym Looks Like

Traditionally gyms have been places to work out and work towards getting a better-looking body. Nothing wrong with that per se, but it’s a bit old school. That’s not all there is on offer at a modern gym. And that’s not the only reason people use gyms. So what could and should you expect from your fitness club? Here are our thoughts…

Total Wellbeing, Not “Blood, Sweat And Tears”

You may have been put off fitness in the past by the aggressive approach and language used by some gyms and trainers. “Feeling the pain” and  “going for the burn” are a couple of typical phrases that have most sane gym goers running for the hills, rather than the treadmill.

The modern gym philosophy is very different, looking at total wellbeing for body, mind and soul. A modern gym will also take a sustainable approach to fitness, looking to deliver achievable results that last, rather than quick fixes and crash diets. Here are a few things to look out for…

Varied, full body fitness programmes

Your training plan should be unique to you and should encompass a variety of different exercise types and styles to keep you motivated, challenged and deliver a 360-degree approach to fitness rather than just looking to burn fat, build muscle etc.

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Mobility and flexibility training

With the vast majority of us living ever more sedentary lives, doing desk-based jobs or those that put stress on our bodies, we need mobility and flexibility training more than ever. Your gym trainer should build exercises into your programme that deliver mobility and flexibility benefits and introduce you to those best suited for the kinds of stresses you put on your body day today. Injury prevention is a core benefit of this type of training, allowing us to carry on with the rest of our fitness programme and live full, active lives, unhampered by pain or stiffness.

Relaxation and recovery

As important as your time spent training is the time spent in recovery. Your trainer should cover this with you when designing your programme, looking at training frequency, stretching, alternative forms of exercise for when you’ve trained hard the previous day and nutrition. You also need to build in relaxation time, for your brain as well as your body, for example taking time out in the sauna or doing a gentle stretching class.

The Modern Gym As A Social Hub And Lifestyle Choice

These days, the gym is much more than just a place to come and get your sweat on. They are social places where you can meet up with like-minded folks and work together to meet your health and fitness goals, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time. Here are a few signs that your gym is a sociable place…

Group Exercise Classes

Group exercise is the most sociable form of training offered by modern gyms and fitness clubs. You’re there with other people who want to do the same thing as you and the format of the classes often mean you end up working with people in smaller groups, lending itself well to casual conversation and getting to know new faces. A modern gym should offer a broad spectrum of group exercise classes at a prang of different times.

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Member Events

After classes, the best way to meet other members is at social events help at your gym. Before you join, ask what kinds of events the club offers for members and ask for specific recent examples rather than accepting broad reassurances that stuff happens. If possible, pop along to an event yourself to get a handle on the club’s culture.

Proactive Communication

Does the gym regularly update its members via posters, email and social media so they know what’s going on? How sociable a gym is will often be defined and certainly supported by its staff.


Do people smile at each other and talk to each other around the club? Do the staff make eye contact and appear friendly and approachable? These are great early signs that your gym has a nice social scene and is somewhere that’ll make a good contribution to your lifestyle.

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Your Gym As A Source Of Health & Fitness Knowledge

Finally, as well as getting you training well and having a good time, your gym should be a go-to source for reliable, sensible health and fitness information. Here are a few indicators that your chosen gym is a leader in health and fitness knowledge…

  • Expert Trainers: Accessible, friendly fitness trainers can provide you with bespoke advice and help you improve all aspects of your health and fitness.
  • Events and Offers: A good modern gym will host events that focus on more than physical fitness and providing access to discounts on healthy food and supplements.
  • Health and Fitness Information: A great sign is a gym that is producing articles, tips etc. which are made available to members and the wider fitness community.

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At Gym Plus, we strive to deliver all these things at each of our clubs. And we don’t expect you to take our word for it, we invite you to come and see the difference for yourself. If you fancy getting yourself a free guest pass to explore your local Gym Plus, click HERE.

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