Making Good On Your Lockdown Fitness Gains

Many of us are leaving lockdown feeling better than ever. Regular exercise and less time spent having large meals out or long nights in the pub have given a large proportion of the population some really great habits and health benefits that can be seen and felt! And even if your lockdown routine has been as much about cake as it has classes, this is still a great time to renew your efforts for greater wellbeing. So, as things start to get back to something approaching normal, how can you capitalise on your newfound enjoyment of exercise?


Don’t Kick The Habit

If you’re among those who’ve been enjoying a daily walk, run or cycle, don’t give up on it. Put it in your diary, set a reminder on your phone or in some way make that time into something you just keep on doing. Look ahead to when the weather might be less lovely than it has been and figure out where you might go when the nights draw in. Now that gyms are opening up again, having a gym membership you can rely on during rainy days means you’re less likely to give your exercise a miss and keep your healthy habit going.

Challenge Yourself

If you’ve managed to get fitter during the lockdown, whether that’s achieving a good base level of fitness or finding yourself marathon ready, now’s the time to step it up again and see what you can do. With gyms opening up again, you’ll have access to personal trainers who can offer fitness reviews and suggestions, or if you’re not ready for the gym, our Gym Plus trainers can meet you virtually, just book a slot and see what plan they come up with.


Give Yourself A Break

If you’ve found that in spite of regular exercise, those equally regular boredom snacks and Netflix sessions have left their mark, don’t give yourself a hard time. With all the excitement that comes with having a greater variety of fitness options opening up, now’s a great time to have a motivation reboot and set yourself on course for looking and feeling great again. If you’re trim, toned and just tired of your normal exercise routines, this is a great time to look at changing it up. Check out our suggestions for how here


Find Your #FitFam

Whether it’s joining friends for a round of golf, challenging an old pal to a spot of tennis or reuniting with familiar faces at your favourite exercise class, there is a tonne of options that’ll combine fitness with friendship. We’re very social creatures by nature and one of the hardest things about lockdown for many of us has been the isolation. Sharing an exercise experience is a fantastic way of reconnecting, whilst doing something that’s good for body and mind at the same time.


We’re set to open on 1st July and we’re looking forward to welcoming as many members as we can back into our clubs. For the latest on our reopening plans, check out our dedicated page.


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