A Look Ahead: 9 Health & Fitness Trends For 2019

As the new year approaches, we take a look at nine fitness trends to look out for in 2019. Our Gym Plus fitness professionals give us an insight into what to watch out for….

1. 30- Minute Workouts

Continuing the trend toward shorter, more compact workouts, the popularity of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), will certainly grow into 2019. And in a time when we’re all busier than ever before, these workouts will appeal to everyone.

Covering all the cardio and strength training you need to see results. By getting your heart rate up high, your body has to work harder to bring it down which results in burning more calories. However, we do recommend no more than three of these sessions per week.

2. Wearable Technology  

Wearable technology will be one of the most popular fitness trends in 2019. Although not a new trend, the technology used in fitness trackers and smart watches has advanced considerably and become more affordable.

With the rise in popularity, there is a range of functionalities that include pedometers, heart rate monitoring, sports tracking and sleep tracking. Some are even waterproof to take with you into the pool and can help you analyse the distance and efficiency of your swim.

3. Sleep Analysis

Another benefit of the wearables is the sleep tracking functionality. The growing trend towards sleep evaluation will continue into the new year.

Quality sleep patterns are essential for a healthy body function. And achieving weight loss goals are much more difficult without it. Furthermore, research has shown that sleep improves peoples’ motivation to exercise.

With the aid of sleep trackers more interest in recording REM hours and diagnosing sleep disturbance problems.

 4. Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is set to be another big trend for 2019. Bodyweight training involves the individual using their own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Exercises such as squats, lunges and push-ups build muscle mass, helps you maintain a strong metabolism and prevent weight gain.

5. Personal Training

2019 will continue to see an uptake in the number of people who employ certified personal trainers to help them train harder and more efficiently. Personal trainers work one-to-one with their clients. They create personalized health and fitness plans for them, catering to their individual needs and goals.

 6. Mobility Exercises 

There was an increased awareness of the importance of mobility training this year. Mobility training exercises can help loosen tight hips, hamstrings, ankles and calves. As well as loosen a tight upper back, activate glutes and straighten rounded shoulders.

And now with the wide availability and affordability of foam rollers, everyone can integrate a few minutes of mobility training into their workout. Performing them at the beginning and end of your workout a couple of times a week can help lower the risk of injury and relieve tired and sore muscles.

7. Rowing

Rowing is one of the best exercises to perform if you want to work all your major muscle groups in one session. And it’s tipped to be big  2019 with rowing machine workouts as part of boot camp classes.  This one is all about building endurance for a low impact cardio workout that can help speed up weight loss goals.

8. Emphasis on recovery exercises

There will be more emphasis on recovery tools, exercises and sleep patterns in 2019. To help the body adapt to training, building recovery time into any fitness programme is important. Through the aid of sports massages, compression and physiotherapy sessions, there will be more priority on recovery in between exercise sessions and to avoid injury.

And as mentioned above anyone can incorporate recovery exercises into their rest days at home through stretching exercises and with the use of foam rollers.

 9. Personalised Nutrition 

And finally, there will be a greater emphasis on personalised nutrition in the New Year.  With more people turning to experts who understand their individual dietary and nutritional needs. And with the extensive progress in nutrition research, consumers will be able to avail of individual plans based on their genotype.


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