How to start training for a fitness challenge

The rise of fitness challenges has become a great way to focus your training to prepare for a special event. Whether it’s a long-distance run or a multi-event course that will test your endurance to the max, you’ll need to make sure you prepare properly. Here are a few things that you need to consider.

Strength Training

For a fitness challenge, it’s important to make sure strength training is one of the core pillars of your preparation. Making sure that you hit every core muscle group is important as you need strong muscles to support you in your challenge. 

While it might seem like you’ll need to skip strength training if you’re planning on running a marathon, for instance, strength training is key to your success in making sure your body is strong enough to cope with the demands you’ll put on it.

It’s not all about picking up weights and pumping iron, using your body weight and completing exercises like burpees, squat thrusts, box jumps and pull-ups are key to helping you to achieve your fitness goals.


Cardiovascular Fitness

A fitness challenge will force you to take your body to the limit, so cardiovascular fitness plays an important role in your preparation.  

Treadmill training at the gym is an obvious suggestion, not just because it can help you to run as far as your body can take you but it’s also able to provide you with a safe environment to do so without putting extra stress on your joints like training outside can do.

Increasing your distance week to week should be your first goal when preparing for a fitness challenge, allowing you to not just ease yourself in but also to have a proper plan in place to ensure that you are prepared to hit your goals. One thing that you must bear in mind is to train at your own pace and not try to hit extraordinary goals straight away, pushing yourself too far can have a detrimental effect on your progress.



While your preparation for strength training and cardiovascular fitness is important, so is your diet. It goes without saying that not taking care of your diet will see you lose the advantages you get from working out consistently. 

Ensuring that your diet is rich in protein, has slow-releasing carbohydrates for energy and if needed, includes protein shakes to aid you in your journey is very important. What we put in our body fuels us and if done correctly, will help you to achieve your fitness challenge and help you to achieve everything you wanted to.


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