How to reboot your fitness routine

Life can get in the way sometimes. Whether it’s a work project, daily tasks or injury or something else, there are occasions where you fall out of sync with your gym routine but how can you literally and figuratively jump back on the bike and reboot your fitness plan? 

We decided to take a look at some reasons why people fall off and how to get back on track.


Battling Back From Injury

Injury can be a momentum stopper, striking at any time. Whether you’re building yourself up or hitting your prime, it can stop you in an instant. The recovery process is key and starts from the moment an injury happens but getting back to the gym and your normal workout routine can take a while.

When battling back from injury you may need to adjust your workout to reach your potential again. For example, instead of lifting free weights, it may be safer and better for your injury to use the machine weights, which offer a better variety of incremental weight settings and are safer in the event you feel the need to let go mid-session. 

For cardio, instead of the running machine, you can substitute it during the early phases of your recovery with an elliptical or bike workout as these offer a way to do cardio but without the stress workouts like running can put on the joints and muscles. 

After an injury, you’ll need to adjust and overcome it to get back on the right path, which may mean changing how you workout, but there is enough variety to start working out and getting yourself back to 100% fitness again.

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Finding Motivation To Go Again

There are many ups and downs in life and like many other things, your motivation to exercise can also come and go. The first thing to point out is that this isn’t unusual, even for people who you may perceive to be gym addicts, they too will have moments where motivation is lacking – but it’s about how you can best create an environment where more often than not you’re motivated to workout.

While it won’t work for everyone, many people find that getting into a regular fitness routine helps. Perhaps you identify two or three evenings a week where instead of going home after work you go straight to the gym, making it a part of your life you don’t even think about. 

Others however are driven by fitness goals and tracking. The rise of smartwatches and apps over the past few years means that tracking your runs, weight lifts and daily fitness goals has never been easier. It might be that your competitive nature helps you to find the motivation to move forward with your fitness routine. Perhaps joining a fitness club and working out in a group with others is what gets you going, especially if you find a workout out on your own tough to consistently do.

Discover what motivates you, and find out how you can incorporate it into your workout routine.

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After A Life Event 

Life events can change everything. Whether it’s having a baby, changing jobs, finding a new partner or something else, a change in what you do on a day-to-day basis will inevitably change your workout pattern.

It doesn’t have to end your relationship with the gym though. In fact, it could reinvigorate it. While naturally, you will have to adjust to your new lifestyle first, it won’t be long before you see opportunities and new ways to reboot your exercise routine. Perhaps working out in the morning instead of the evening is now a possibility? If you now work closer to the gym why not consider a lunchtime gym session? Perhaps now is the time to try a new workout class? 

A change in life will give you new opportunities to reboot your fitness routine and find a new ‘normal’ when it comes to your workouts.


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No matter why you fell off the fitness bike it’s time to get back on it. Whether it’s finding motivation, adjusting to a new routine or returning from injury, at Gym Plus you’ll find everything you need. From free weights, cardio equipment, classes, floor space and much more, everything you need is at a Gym Plus location close to you.


Written by Craig Shields


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