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How to make running part of your routine

GymPlus Team

January 12, 2023

How to make running part of your routine

Running has always been a popular form of exercise, and it has numerous physical and mental health benefits. While adding cardio to your workout is great, people can find it challenging to make running a regular part of their routine. Below are some tips and strategies for making running a consistent part of your lifestyle.

make running part of your routine

Start Slow

While you might be eager to start running, the best way to ensure it becomes a regular part of your routine is to start slow and gradually increase your distance and intensity. If you overdo it too soon, it can lead to injuries and burnout, which is something you don’t want. Instead, start out with short runs and gradually increase your distance and intensity over time.

Set Specific Goals

Having a specific goal in mind can help give you direction and motivation to stick to your running routine. This can range from running a certain distance, completing a race, or improving your speed. Whatever your goals are, make sure that they are achievable and measurable so that you can track your progress accurately.

Find A Running Buddy

Running buddy

Running with a partner can help you feel motivated and make the overall run more enjoyable. If you don’t know anyone who wants to run, you can join a local running club or join a Park Run, which provides a sense of community and accountability, along with just being fun.

Vary Your Routes and Workouts

It’s important to keep it interesting. Changing up running routes and workouts help prevents boredom and keep things interesting. Having three or four different routes will help this, along with incorporating a run on a treadmill to change it up. Another way to do this is by adding intervals, hills, or fartlek training, which is interval training where you vary your pace based on how you feel.

Have the Right Gear

Investing in good running shoes is necessary when you are starting a running routine. If you don’t have the right runners, you will not have a good experience and will be more likely to give up. Along with running shoes, you need the proper clothes as they can make a big difference to your running experience.
Find a time that works for you.

Finding a time that suits you is important as you may have more energy during certain times of the day. Some people prefer to run in the morning to get their workout out of the way, while others prefer to run in the evening as it is a way to wind down after a busy day.

Make running a priority

If you want to make running a consistent part of your routine, you will need to prioritise it. This means that you set aside a number of weekly hours for your runs. You may need to make adjustments to your schedule of priorities so that you can fit running into your routine.

Stay Consistent

Finally, the key to making running a part of your routine is consistency. This means making an effort to run regularly even when you lack the motivation to do so. It’s okay to take breaks or have an occasional off day but try not to leave it too long between runs.

Final Thoughts

running in a race

Making running a part of your routine requires some effort and commitment, but soon you will see that the benefits are well worth it. By starting slow, setting specific goals, finding a running buddy, varying your workouts, choosing the right gear and staying consistent, you can make running a regular part of your lifestyle. This applies whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner; with just a little dedication and discipline, you can make running a part of your routine and enjoy all the physical and mental benefits it has to offer!

GymPlus Team

January 12, 2023

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