How To Keep Your 2022 Fitness Goals On Track

For many, the month of January will see New Year’s fitness goals start with good intentions but at some point, many people often lose their way. However, there are many things you can do to ensure that you can stay on track and not only keep your New Year’s resolutions, but drive yourself towards a better body and healthier lifestyle.


Get Into A Routine

To keep your fitness goals for the year in sight it’s always a good idea to get into a routine. Scheduling a visit to the gym on certain days, early morning, during lunch or after work, will help you to include your fitness regime as part of your normal life and not something extra you need to do. Once you are settled into a routine that includes visits to the gym, you’ll be able to see exercise as part of your life and not an extra chore to squeeze in.


Workout With Friends

Many people find it easier to workout with friends and family. If you’ve been working out on your own, then you may feel lonely and struggle to find the motivation to continue. Whether you workout together on the weights, run or find a class that suits both your needs, working out with someone won’t only help you to enjoy working out more, it may also drive you to focus on your fitness goals and achieve your objectives with a friend or family member.

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Take Care Of What You Eat

When there is talk about food it often covers staying away from fatty foods, making sure you eat your greens and drinking plenty of water. However, for exercise, it’s also vital that you fuel your body with food that will give you energy. 

Make sure you look after your body, not just after your workout but also before, this will help you to enter and leave the gym in the right frame of mind. Preparation is key, especially when every bite you take is meaningful and helps you to achieve your goal. Check out our healthy recipes designed by our resident nutritionist Alex Dobbs HERE.


Change Your Fitness Plan Up

While routine for carrying out exercise is good, as we mentioned earlier, you can find your motivation will increase if you do different exercises on different days. For example, if you find that Monday is always cardio day, why not change things up and run or swim on Sunday, leaving Monday for you to focus on other areas of your body. Many people find that a slight change in your fitness plan will see you redouble your efforts.

The best place to start is to make an appointment with an expert fitness trainer who will help you revise your goals, set new ones and keep you motivated to take your programme to the next level.


Achieve Your Fitness Goals Of 2022 With Gym Plus

Whether you want to work out on your own, with a friend or as a group, why not visit a Gym Plus near you today and get started. For weights, cardio, classes, swimming and so much more, visit your local Gym Plus today and find the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals for the entire year and beyond.



Written by Craig Shields


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