How To Enjoy Exercise On A Stationary Bike

The humble stationary bike is a powerful tool when it comes to keeping fit. When it comes to your workout plan, you want a way to maximise your output without increasing the risk of injury, especially when it comes to cardiovascular exercises. Well, despite having access to more workout programmes, plans and equipment than ever before, the stationary bike is still at the top of most professionals’ list when it comes to their workout. And here’s why …


The Benefits Of The Stationary Bike

A stationary bike isn’t just convenient to use but also safe, and using a stationary bike instead of cycling outdoors means that you can focus solely on getting a beneficial cardiovascular workout and not the dangers of cars and pedestrians on the road.  

For your fitness, a stationary bike is also a low impact way to exercise, so you can happily ride along without worrying about long-term damage or flaring up old injuries. It will also target your leg muscles and thanks to its nature, give you the freedom to increase the intensity of your workout at your leisure. Need more reasons to give it a try it? Here you go!


Exercise Ideas

It’s not just a case of jumping on and peddling till your drop on an exercise bike. While you can do exactly just that, a tailored exercise plan will see you increase your endurance, power and speed depending on your fitness goals. Here are a few ideas to get you going …


Interval Training and HIIT on a Stationary Bike

Interval training can quickly increase your endurance and speed levels on a stationary bike. For those who aren’t aware, interval training is a workout that is repeated numerous times with the aim to hit a certain intensity or pace during these periods. Doing so will see you push yourself through the pain barrier, helping you to get the most from your workout and improve your fitness. 

With a stationary bike, you can mould numerous interval (or HIIT) workouts to fit your needs – whether you want to do interval training through simulated hill climbing or just focus on pure speed, the decision is up to you.

For those who aren’t aware, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is slightly different as it increases the intensity of the burst sessions during workout periods. 

Stationary bike HIIT increases the pace compared to some interval training methods that require lower paced workouts – so while HIIT is another part of interval training, it’s a workout method that with the right dedication and application will get results. Also, thanks to stationary bikes having a low impact on muscles, you’re unlikely to encounter any serious injuries, no matter how hard you train.

Spin class at Gym Plus


Hill and Pyramid Training

Hill and pyramid training on an exercise bike offers a steady increase of intensity that replicates a hill or pyramid climb. Both exercise plans will build strength and endurance if, over a period of time, you’re able to push and increase the distance you’re able to cycle for. 

The obvious difference between the hill and pyramid training plan is that with the pyramid, your ascent will eventually have a reduction in intensity as you theoretically come down the other side of the pyramid, whereas with the hill programme, the only way is up, both figuratively and in terms of intensity. How far can you go?


Cycle Programmes

Depending on the type of stationary bike you have access to, many modern bikes come complete with a range of programmes designed to make exercise fun. They’ll come with a range of games or virtual animations that will change your exercise routine up and see you compete and track distance, heart rate and other parameters. 

Some exercise programmes will also provide set targets and goals so you can train in the knowledge that you’re competing, which for many competitive people will encourage them to go the extra mile .


Les Mills Virtual Indoor Cycling

At Gym Plus we offer Les Mills Virtual Cycling workouts in all eight of our clubs.  These audio-visual versions of group indoor cycling classes are played on a screen or tablet.

The world-class Les Mills instructors are specially trained to deliver an inspiring and safe workout for members at any level of experience.

Available to book via the FitSense App, choose between Les Mills Virtual Sprint or Virtual RPM indoor cycling workouts. Both of these workouts are great for cardiovascular fitness with an emphasis on toning and sculpting your muscles. You will build muscular strength while pedalling against resistance and improve your overall endurance. Learn more about virtual workouts HERE.


Add Stationary Bike Exercise To Your Workout Today

Looking for the best stationary bike near you? Well visit a Gym Plus today and find a wide range of high quality stationary bikes that are ready to be part of your exercise routine. Whether you want low or high-intensity interval workouts or want to take advantage of some of the amazing workout programmes on offer. 

Written by Craig Shields


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