How To Create Your Own Operation Transformation Plan

Everyone wants to achieve a healthy weight and feel great, but we also know that it doesn’t come easy. Operation Transformation has been a successful TV show because it provides contestants with the tools they need to achieve their body goals, or at least to start working towards them with the help of an expert personal dietician, fitness instructor and psychologist. Which is something we’d all love to have.

While you might not be able to hire a personal team to take care of everything for you, you can take small steps to create your own plan. To do so, you need to cover your diet, cardio exercise, weight training needs and help from friends and family.


Food and Diet

Planning and preparation is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Making sure we have our daily dose of fruit and vegetables is important, but it’s also vital that we plan our meals. This means we’re not caught short, and in the interest of time or ease opt for the quicker fast food options or microwave meals. Always ensure you’ve got fruits and vegetables stocked and take advantage of making larger quantities of healthy dinners, so you can save some for the day after for an easy lunch. Prepare your food and you’ll be on your way to ensuring you keep up with your diet. Check out the recipes and eating advice on the blog, written by our very own in-house nutritionist.

Plate of healthy food


You’ll want to create a workout plan that includes cardiovascular exercise most days of the week and strength training at least two days a week.

To transform your body, you need to move more. And what better way to achieve this than to up your cardio game. You don’t have to jump straight into training for a marathon (in fact, you shouldn’t start with this) but just getting in your 10,000 daily steps is a great way to begin. 

If pounding the pavement isn’t for you, then cycling or swimming is also a great way to boost your cardio. Whether you’re at the start of your cardio journey or looking to get going again, just getting into the mindset of moving will help you to feel better about your fitness journey.


Weight Training

Performing the same workout every day leads to a plateau, a point at which the exercise loses effectiveness.

Much like cardiovascular training, there are two ends of a very big spectrum here and very few people are benching their body weight – because you don’t have to. By preparing and organising a programme that sees you complete 6 or 7 simple weight bearing exercises, a few times a week, will help you considerably to start with.

At our Gym Plus clubs, you’ll find a wide range of weight equipment to take advantage of, whether it’s machine weights that aid with lifting and safety or free weights that help you to push yourself, the support from our friendly fitness team will tailor a workout programme that is truly yours.

Working Out With Others

For most people, working out as part of a team motivates them to go further and burn more calories than if they were on their own. Finding a class can transform your ability and desire to work out, especially if you make friends along the way or bring them as well. Aerobics, Boot Camp, Box Fit, Dance Fit and HIIT classes are just some of the classes you’ll find at Gym Plus. Why not get involved in a fitness group today and work out with people who have similar fitness goals to your own?



Start today on your Operation Transformation with Gym Plus

Whether you’re looking to get on top of your cardio, start lifting weights or looking to work out with others, you’ll find all the facilities, classes and help you need at your local Gym Plus club. Visit us today and start working towards your own Operation Transformation plan to look and feel great.



Written by Craig Shields


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