Healthy Snacks that keep you going in the office

Our Gym Plus resident nutritionist, Alex Dobbs, shares her tips on the best snacks to keep you going in the work or home office. 


It is my mission to make food simple. Eating is a primal need but it has been made to be overcomplicated so much these days. I don’t think there is another area of science that produces as much research in as short a time as the nutrition world does. Trust me, if you stick to the basics you are doing really well. Today, I want to focus on some basic simple snacks that keep you going throughout the day without giving you too many calories or keeping you feeling wanting for more.

These are some of the most basic basics of healthy eating:

  • Most of us do best if we eat three meals per day. Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day. Don’t skip meals. Don’t move their time around too much either. Instead, plan ahead. And if you have to skip a meal, plan a decent snack.
  • Stop eating when you’re 90% full. Don’t get up from the table hungry either. Instead, choose to fill up on vegetables.
  • Know your portion sizes. Know how to set up a dinner plate: ¼ protein (meat, fish, tofu, beans), ¼ carbs (rice, potatoes,
    pasta), ½ vegetables. You can add a fresh green side salad on the side if you like.

What’s a basic healthy snack?

A healthy snack should always contain a little carb with a little protein. This is in order to balance out your body’s energy needs and keep you going strong until the next meal.

Here are some of my favourite snacks I find myself going back to time and again:

  • A small pot of natural yoghurt with cubed fresh fruit, nuts or seeds. E.g. blueberries with flaxseeds; or chopped apple with almonds
  • Oat cakes or rice cakes with nut butter and thinly spread honey. You can also use a slice of lovely sourdough bread or brown bread.
  • Two pieces of fruit (banana, easy-peeler, plum, some grapes, apple, etc) and small handful of nuts/seeds.
  • If you are caught off guard or haven’t planned and are on the run: ClearSpring Seaweed crisps, Bounce! Balls, Nakd bars, energy balls – but please don’t fall into the trap of eating these on a regular basis as they are treats.
  • A homemade smoothie of: no more than 30% fruit (apple, banana, frozen berries), the rest should be made up of vegetables (cucumber, spinach), fresh yoghurt or maybe some protein powder. Add water instead of fruit juice.
  • Vegetable sticks with hummus or avocado dip.. Simply cut up a carrot, ¼ cucumber, a celery stick and ½ pepper to enjoy with the dip of your choice.

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