Gym Plus Fundraiser: Supporting Movember

Movember – Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health 

While it initially started as a joke between friends to bring back the moustache, Travis Garone and Luke Slatterly soon realised that trying to grow a moustache generated conversation and as a result, they decided to raise funds for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia in 2004, raising money that would go down as the largest single donation the PCFA ever received. 

From there Movember grew, across countries, continents and the globe, continually raising millions of euros, pounds and dollars for a variety of men’s health projects including organisations that help with mental health and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer, and countless others. Movember has created a global community and it’s something that we’re proud to be a part of.


How Gym Plus Are Getting Involved In Movember

For Movember, we’re going to ask our members to take part in 60-minute fitness challenges or support others who are, which will represent the 60 men that die from suicide every 60 minutes globally. This challenge, as part of the awareness of men’s mental health, will also promote the fact that regular exercise can help to overcome mild depression and anxiety, helping all to achieve good mental health.

With 8 out of 10 suicides being male, we want to raise awareness and encourage all to encourage anyone suffering in silence to reach out for help. To do this, the Movember website promotes ‘Ask Alex’ as a way of supporting those who need our help.


ALEX – Can You Spot The Signs?

Life can be difficult for all of us. If you needed to though, could you spot the signs of someone who is feeling particularly low? 



Is there someone you know that hasn’t quite been themself lately? Have you taken the time to find out why? While you don’t have to ask directly, you could start by saying ‘you haven’t seemed yourself lately, are you okay?’ If you’re not convinced by their answer, don’t be afraid to ask twice for confirmation. As humans, we have a habit of saying ‘I’m fine’ when we’re not.



Give your friend your full attention when they’re talking, make sure that they understand that they’re being listened to. You don’t have to specifically offer solutions to problems, just listening and empathising may be what they need but don’t be afraid to ask follow-up questions that let them know you’re listening. Create an environment where they’re comfortable expressing themselves.


Encourage Action

From here, it’s a case of finding what’s needed. It may be a lack of sleep, food or exercise that makes them feel low. If it’s been happening for more than a few weeks though, it may be time to suggest that your friend seeks medical advice, don’t be afraid to suggest it.



Make sure you arrange a catch-up, ideally in person. This will show you care and make your friend understand that you want to help them move forward. If at any point you’re worried about someone’s life, do not be afraid to call the emergency services.


Movember at Gym Plus Locations

For Gym Plus, supporting Movember is extremely important and we’ll be doing so in a variety of ways.  Check in club about how you can support Movember at Gym Plus and raise money to help people who need organisations who provide mental health, suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer support – the Movember initiative needs you now more than ever, so get involved and raise money with Gym Plus to support a fantastic cause.


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