Getting The Best From Your Gym Equipment

At Gym Plus, you’ll find a range of gym equipment that you can use to take your fitness to the next level. Getting the best from your gym equipment though is another thing, we’ll take you through numerous pieces of gym equipment in this blog and explore the options available but first, you need to make sure you’re ready to workout properly.

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Before you do anything else, you need to make sure you’re ready to work out. Stretching is imperative, especially the older you get so make sure you stretch your muscles correctly to loosen them and be ready for the pressures of exercise.



Once you’ve stretched and you’re ready to train, it’s time to look at your options for Cardio.


Ideal for cardio, the treadmill will let you run and run and run – or walk. It’s up to you but a treadmill will allow you to stretch your legs and burn calories like never before. 

Treadmills can provide you with options to run how you want at any pace you desire, these include raising and lowering the incline, the pace and objectives. With a range of built-in programs ready to go when you step on, you also have the flexibility to create your own unique challenges.

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Exercise Bike

Great for long sessions and like the treadmill, the exercise bikes can be tailored to suit any requirements you need. You can increase or decrease the pace, raise or lower incline and also enjoy built-in programs that are designed to test endurance and take you further than you ever thought possible. Exercise bikes are also a great way to return to training after an injury, offering a low-impact cardio workout without minimal risk.


Rowing Machine

Row without interruptions. The rowing machine is a great piece of equipment for cardio work as it’s a complete body workout, forcing you to use every muscle in your body, it’s low impact and can also be used by everyone, no matter the fitness level.

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Increasing the power in your muscles isn’t just a great way to look good but feel good too. For strength training, you’ll find many options at Gym Plus.

Machine Weights

If you’re just starting to get into strength training or coming back from an injury, using machine weights is a great place to start. This is because machine weights offer a level of safety and security that free weights simply can’t, you can take your time and train without worrying about dropping and injuring yourself or others. 

You’ll also find machine weights offer a wide variety of opportunities to work on every muscle, from biceps and triceps to quads and calves – no matter your focus, you’ll find what you need.


Free Weights

Whether you’re ready to move to free weights or looking to take your strength training up a few gears, free weights are perfect to incorporate into a range of programmes. You’ll have the space and equipment to really refine each individual muscle, with dumbbells, kettle bells, benches and a range of other free weight equipment readily available.

You can also add a free weights plan into your workout routine to lose weight, it’s not just cardio that contributes towards weight loss, strength training does too.

Free Weights At Gym Plus

Mat Space

It’s the part of the gym that most people forget but the area assigned for bodyweight exercise and other training can be extremely useful as part of your workout routine.


Body Weight Exercises

Strength training uses your weight against you and provides stiff resistance that forces your muscles to work harder than ever. At Gym Plus you’ll find adequate room to perform bodyweight exercises and the mats that you need to do them on. 

Bodyweight exercises are great because they’re easily accessible, increase your mobility, improve stability and are quick and easy to perform – and all without sacrificing effort, as they can be just as difficult to perform as using free or machine weights.



You’ll find Plyo boxes at Gym Plus and it’s this equipment that provides a versatile way to test your entire body. These boxes allow you to train the functionality of your joints and strengthen your body all at the same time. You can start with simple step-ups and push-ups and move to box dips and jumps. You’ll find boxes at different heights so you can push yourself to the limit.


Equipment, Classes and More at Gym Plus

It’s not just gym equipment that you’ll find at Gym Plus locations across the country, with our membership, you’ll also have access to a wide range of classes that include aerobics and boxfit, as well as a wide range of swimming options that are suitable for everyone. No matter how you want to get fit this year and the next, we have a wide range of options for your workout routine. Why not visit us today?



Written by Craig Shields


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