Fitness Gifts For Your Loved One On Valentines Day

What better time than now to help your loved ones to find the fitness gift they need to inspire them to reach their fitness goals. We’ve put a few ideas together, which one will your loved one appreciate the most?



A crucial part of many people’s gym kits these days, a SmartWatch can help you to closely track your fitness goals and keep you focused on your plan. It’s a great gift for a loved one who takes their training seriously, or perhaps wants to take their training to the next level. 

Even if it’s just used for tracking steps, a SmartWatch that tracks fitness can be a thoughtful gift that can change someone’s life and give them a visual representation of the effort they’re putting in.


New Exercise Clothes

Everybody loves putting some new clothes on and that is especially true for gym enthusiasts. Whether it’s t-shirts for when you’re working out, shorts with a zip pocket to put your valuables in or even a hoodie to make that cold morning walk to the gym a bit warmer, why not consider a gym clothing upgrade for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


Gym Bag

Is your loved one always fumbling around when on their way to the gym, trying to store gym clothes, keys, headphones, water bottle, towel and more? If so, why not purchase them a Valentine’s Day gift that is thoughtful and helpful. Make that morning walk to the gym easier to handle with a gym bag that keeps everything in one place.


New Running Trainers

No matter how well you look after your running trainers, at some point, you will need to purchase a new pair. Not just for looks but for the well-being of your feet as well, as running trainers that have lost their form, if overused, can have long-lasting negative effects on your feet. If your loved one’s running trainers have seen better days, why not help them with fresh running trainers that will get them back safely on the road and push them through to cover many miles.


Gym Plus Membership

Or for the ultimate fitness present this Valentine’s Day, why not give the gift of fitness with Gym Plus membership or a  Gym Plus gift voucher which can be used towards membership. See Gift vouchers can be purchased at reception.



Written by Craig Shields


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