Christmas Gift Guide 2021 : Health & Fitness Picks

With Christmas on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for friends and family. As January is a key time for many people to make New Year’s resolutions and to focus on their health, why not help them on their way with a Christmas fitness gift? To help, we’ve put together a list of ideas for great fitness gifts that will be great to receive and aid their fitness goals.


Smart Watch 

Wearable tech can make a real difference to a fitness workout. Whether you’re looking to purchase an Apple Watch, Fitbit or another brand, there’s no doubt that closely tracking workouts and recording progress can be an influential way to get more out of your workout programme. Whether it’s recording a run, swim, walk, cycle or even weight training, keeping on top of the details can be incredibly beneficial and potentially life-changing. 


A New Gym Bag

Who doesn’t love a new bag? For gym lovers, a bag is a crucial piece of equipment as many people can’t enjoy their workout without having a place to store their gym or work clothes and accessories. A lovely gym bag will allow for all the requirements to be catered for, such as a change of clothes, towel, water bottle and even weight training gloves and belt, it’s a necessity for many. 


Wireless Headphones 

Getting in the zone and working out is easier with headphones. With technology improving at a fast rate, it means that many wireless headphones from a range of companies are now available at an affordable price. From Apple’s Airpods to Beats and alternatives from Sony, Raycon and other manufacturers, there is now a range of wireless headphones at different costs that means no one has to deal with wires getting in the way of a workout ever again – which is also great for a safety point of view.


Weight Training Gloves + Belt

If your family member or friend is already going to the gym and is doing weight training then why not help them out and take it to the next level with some weight training equipment. Gloves and a weight training belt can help them to keep their hands smooth and their back straight while lifting, both are excellent additions and can help them to workout in comfort, shed pounds and build muscle like never before.


Gym Clothes Or Runners

Who doesn’t love new clothes? Purchase some stylish or practical gym wear as a gift and help your loved ones to stay motivated when it comes to getting down to the gym. Whether it’s new running shoes for the treadmill, a vest for weight training to keep their arms free, or shorts for the bike, there’s a whole range of clothes you could purchase for their gym visits. 


Gym Plus Membership

If your friend or family member still hasn’t taken the plunge and signed up for the gym, then why not help them out with a Gym Plus gift voucher? Available to buy in any of our 7 clubs for any value. Help them to get motivated to start their health and fitness journey, with gift that provides access to a wide range of gym floor equipment, a whole host of classes and access to swimming and spa facilities in locations across the country. For less than a cup of coffee a week, you can give a loved one all they’ve ever wanted to start losing pounds, toning up and enjoying exercise.



Written by Craig Shields


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