Finding The Right Gym Near Me

Whether you want to continue your fitness journey or start afresh, you’re probably thinking: ‘I need to find a gym near me’. Well, fear not, as we’ll not only tell you how to find a gym near home or work, but we’ll also look into what you need in that ‘gym near me’ search.


What do you need in a gym?

What you need in a gym will depend on your own fitness goals. 

Everybody looks for different equipment in a gym. So what is it that you need to look for to get the most out of your workout? Well, here we’ve put together some guidance on what you need to get yourself into a positive place when it comes to physical and mental health. So read on to find out what your perfect gym might look like …


A Gym That Helps You Towards Your Goals

Having all the necessary equipment at a gym is great but what if your gym could help you actively see your progress as well as help you?

Gyms with personal trainers and smart technology that records your results. Like specific applications and body composition monitors can help you to plan, track and review your workouts. In addition, many gyms offer personal trainers who won’t just help you with your routine but also offer nutritional advice and guidance on getting the most from your workout. 


Weight Training at the Gym

No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you’ll need to find a gym that’s capable of providing you with what you need when it comes to weight training.

Whether you’re looking for free weights, which allow you to have a certain amount of freedom in how you exercise, or ready-made resistance machines, which offer a safer way of getting started, most gyms should offer both options.


Free Weights

Free weights will help you to activate more muscles during your workout, allowing you to focus on a particular group of muscles. However, one issue with using free weights is that towards the end of a tiring session you might find safety becomes a problem and it’s during the end of the session where you’ll need to be extra careful. 


The free weight section inside many budget gyms can also be extremely busy during peak hours, so you’ll need to find a location that offers enough space and equipment for you to work out when you need to. You’ll also want to make sure that the gym you choose has qualified staff available to show you the correct way to use these if you’re not familiar with the correct technique.


Gym Plus gym


Resistance Machines

Resistance machines, while not able to offer the flexibility of free weights, do provide a safer way to work out for beginners. This is mainly down to how they operate, as it’s almost impossible to have bad form while using them, which can lead to a higher risk of injury if you’re not careful with free weights. 

Resistance machines also provide a great base for rehabilitating muscular injuries. This is thanks to its safety mechanisms, which can help weak muscles heal without the fear of dropping weights and putting the user in danger. If the user did let go on a resistance machine, the weights would go back to where they started, completely minimising the risk of injury.


Cardio Equipment

Whether you’re looking to get in your daily 10,000 steps or train for a long-distance cycle or run, cardio equipment will help you get to where you want to. 

From the treadmill to the bike machine, to even a rowing machine, having access to a range of cardio equipment is important when it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle. Most gyms near you will have a range of cardio equipment to use but the quality may vary with certain gyms offering cardio equipment that can track heart rate, distance, incline options and even allow you to set goals and targets.

Spin class at Gym Plus


The Right Gym Atmosphere

The environment and atmosphere of a gym is important to get the most out of it. A laid-back friendly atmosphere with a diverse membership will allow new members to feel right at home straight away.

It’s also important to understand that intimidation can be a big factor as to why people don’t feel settled at the gym. It’s only natural to feel uncomfortable around people who are exercising. There’s no doubt that joining a gym that has a comfortable atmosphere will help you to focus on your workout goals and help you to achieve what you want.



If you work better in a group or with direction, then why not ensure that the gym you’re looking for comes complete with classes as part of your gym membership? You could even invite some friends along to give you extra motivation. At Gym Plus, we find people usually make new friends at classes, so you’ll soon have a new group of fit friends to share the fun with. 

Gym Plus classes can target a specific group or area like abs, bums, legs, or even offer a more in-depth focus on a particular all-body workout like aerobics, boxfit or perhaps HIIT. Gym classes provide motivation and encouragement that sometimes you just don’t get when training by yourself. If that’s you, then make sure your next gym offers a range of gym classes.

Gym Plus class


Swimming pool

Whether it’s to help you relax after a hard workout session or as part of your on-going plan, a swimming pool is a great place to improve your physical and mental health.

Whether you’re after lessons, leisure or lengths, a readily-available pool gives you the opportunity to use it exactly how you want. For many, a swimming pool is perfect as part of a workout routine. 

If you’ve got children, it’s also a great way to get them involved in an activity that will not only keep them active but also be fun!

Gym Plus Swimming Pool

Gym Near Home or Gym Near Work?

The location of the gym will also be important. It could have an impact on whether you’re likely to continue visiting the gym and keep you in a healthy routine. 

You might not necessarily want the gym to be close to home, instead preferring the convenience of holding workout sessions closer to your place of work. This would allow you to get a gym session in before work, during lunch, or straight after a long day at the office.

Alternatively, if you work from home or prefer the ability to get a gym session in at any time you want, especially at the weekend, being part of a gym that’s right on your doorstep could be ideal. 


A Gym Plus Near You

Why not take the plunge and find a Gym Plus near your home or work? With a variety of locations across the country and a range of expert gym equipment at each, we’ve got no doubt that you’ll find what you’re looking for. 

So stop searching for ‘gym near me’ and start going to that gym near you. Find out more at 


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