Fit It In: Find time to exercise, no matter how busy you are

Pretty much everyone has hectic times in their life. And for some they never seem to stop. Times when it seems there’s not even room for the stuff you have to do. Let alone the stuff you’d like to do, like keeping in shape. So, how do you find time to exercise, even when you’re really, really busy?

Time To Exercise Tip 1: Break It Down

Finding a full hour or even two to complete an extensive training programme just isn’t realistic when you’re busy. But finding 10 minutes here and there throughout the week? That’s doable. And before you write it off as pointless, just see how it can add up, even for a total fitness beginner:

“One day I put my trainers on and decided to simply run around the block, once. I made it back red faced and completely gasping for air. I did this over and over again, it took 10-15 minute out of my day. Each time I got a little quicker until eventually I was going around twice, then three times and so on. The next goal I set for myself was to enter a 10km fun run.” – taken from the fitness story of Celine now a trainer at Gym Plus Ashbourne.


Time To Exercise Tip 2: Make Your Commute Count

Very few of us work right next door to our house. So, whether you’ve got to travel a kilometre or an entire county, you can turn your commute into time to exercise. Here are a few ideas:

  • Standing on the train, bus or Luas? Do some calf raises. Help people lift their bags, bikes or buggies on and off at each stop. Then get off a few stops early and walk or run to work.
  • Drive to work? Park the car a good distance from the office and run the rest of the way. Or, if you’re not that far to begin with hop on your bike and cycle the whole way.
  • Walk to work? You’re already half way there. Pick up the pace and start timing yourself each day.
  • Want more commuter exercise ideas? Check this article out.

Time To Exercise Tip 3: Crunch Before You Munch

Most gyms offer powerful yet pint sized lunchtime classes. These give you the chance to get your heart rate up and still make it back to your desk in time for a sambo before your next meeting. These fast blast style classes can also fit in before work, after work or around your kids’ schedules.

Short yet effective workouts don’t have to be restricted to classes either. Talk to one of our trainers and they’ll design you a series of highly effective 15 and 20 minute workouts you can do in any time. So there’s always time to exercise.


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