How do you manage kids in the swimming pool?

Kids are welcome to use the pool in our family clubs (Ashbourne, Drogheda, Naas, Rathfarnham and Swords). Keeping your children safe in the pool is our top priority and our qualified lifeguards are here to help. We ask for your cooperation in never leaving any child under 16 years of age unattended in the pool, even for a moment.

0-12 yrs: You need a responsible grownup (18+) with you in the pool to keep you safe.
12-16 yrs: Your grown up can watch you from the pool side if they don’t fancy joining in the fun.
16 yrs+: No grown up required! But you’re not quite ready to look after anyone else until you’re 18.

Large groups should have one adult for every 4 children. We know you parents have eyes in the back of your heads, but there are limits!